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Lai Qingde: Instead of believing in Blue and White, it is better to firmly choose Lai Qingde


Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Lai Ching-te said today that instead of believing in Blue and White, it is better to firmly choose Lai Ching-te and let Lai lead the people to unite and cooperate so that Taiwan can go global and face the future. President Tsai Ing-wen pointed out that the Democratic Progressive Party is in power and puts Taiwan on the world’s radar, but it makes no sense for opponents to only want to remove the Democratic Progressive Party. If Taiwan wants stability, Lai Qingde is ready and hopes that Kaohsiung people will take the lead in choosing the right person.

Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Lai Qingde (front 3rd from left) Kaohsiung City campaign headquarters founding meeting held in Fengshan District on the evening of the 19th. President Tsai Ing-wen (front 3rd from right), Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Qimai (front 2nd from right), and former Executive President Su Zhenchang (front 2 from left) appeared on the platform, holding hands and shouting victory slogans together. (Central News Agency)

Lai Ching-te’s Kaohsiung and Legislator Joint Campaign Headquarters’ establishment rally was held in Fengshan District from 4 pm today. Lai Ching-te, President Tsai, Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chi-mai, and 8 Democratic Progressive Party Kaohsiung Legislative Candidates were present. Statistics from the organizer were gathered at the scene. More than 60,000 people participated.

President Tsai pointed out in her speech that there is only one goal here today, which is to continue to do the right things, take the right path, and choose the right people to continue to lead Taiwan. In 2020, she received 1.09 million votes in Kaohsiung, and she will get one million votes this time. Please ask the citizens of Kaohsiung to take the lead in electing the right person.

President Tsai said why Kaohsiung people should take the lead? Because Kaohsiung people know best how troublesome it is to elect the wrong person. Only by electing the right person will the city move forward. Kaohsiung City has been progressing and developing thanks to the hard work of Mayor Chen Qimai and the serious and professional Kaohsiung City Legislative Committee. The central government has also invested funds in Kaohsiung, allowing many construction projects that the public cares about to be realized and implemented.

President Tsai said that the world’s consensus is to put Taiwan on the shelf, and Kaohsiung is the indispensable key to putting Taiwan on the world’s shelf. The DPP is in power and puts Taiwan on the world map, but its opponents only want to take the DPP off the map. This is really unreasonable. Taiwan has no room for trial and error. Taiwan must be stable and cannot be chaotic. What the Taiwanese people want is to continue to unite and strengthen the country’s competitiveness, rather than calculating party interests and allocating power in cabinet ministries. This is not what the people expect. Those in power must be stable and their decisions must not be repeated, and Lai Qingde is ready.

President Tsai pointed out that Lai Ching-te is the most experienced and has a mature and stable team that can continue to serve the people and help Taiwan. Moreover, Lai Ching-te has a vision for governing the country and insists on protecting values. Vote for Lai Ching-te on January 13 next year, allowing Taiwan to continue to move forward at a steady pace.

Lai Qingde said in his speech that Kaohsiung will get 1 million votes for the president this time, nominate all 8 legislators, and the political party vote will also be the first; in the future, it will build a healthy Taiwan and use its own medical expertise to contribute to the health of the people across the country. In the future, it will establish a “10 billion cancer The New Drug Fund will reduce the number of people dying from cancer by one-third by 2030.

Lai Ching-te pointed out that we will continue to promote the five major trust industries, including semiconductors, artificial intelligence, military industry, security control, low-orbit satellites and other industries, so that Taiwan’s brands can shine in the world.

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