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Your ex won’t come back, but he will come back with free shipping for $0

Your ex won’t come back, but he will come back with free shipping for $0
Your ex won’t come back, but he will come back with free shipping for $0

This is Shopee’s free shipping advertising slogan

When I usually go to Shopee to pick up goods, I don’t pay much attention to the advertising scenery in front of the store.

Today, when I went there, I was waiting for Shopee to open. While I was waiting, I was surprised to find that the words printed on the red cloth hanging in front of the store were so laughable. I didn’t find it funny, but on the way home, I felt the corners of my mouth slightly raised, unable to laugh.

What kind of marketing or creative thinking would use an advertising slogan like this to “emphasize the original $0 free shipping mechanism”, but use a sentence that can’t be hit as a gimmick to attract people’s short-term attention.

There are several problems with this advertising slogan.

First, breaking up with your ex does not necessarily mean that one of you has been cheated on.

Secondly, since you have been cheated on, you will not be surprised if your ex comes back to get back together.

Third, “If you cheat, your ex won’t come back” is about human relationships, a human condition; and free shipping for 0 yuan is a marketing strategy formulated by merchants. How can the two be equal or used as connecting sentences?

Perhaps as an advertising slogan, its eye-catching appeal serves its purpose.

But for people who don’t know why and don’t know how to think, even if it’s just a little ripple flowing through their hearts and soon forgotten, is it possible that it can become a negative teaching material?

Pedestrians coming and going on the street or residents living nearby, if they have smaller children, do not understand the meaning of words, they can speculate, associate, and then internalize it into a kind of knowledge.

Children learn that “green” has other meanings, referring to a certain state of human relations.

I don’t object to the representation of words that are popular and popularized. After all, this is part of the culture of the common people. But I hate labeling or generalizing any relationship or situation with specific words.

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