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United Daily News Editorial/Stuck in the Blue and White Alliance is to support the DPP’s authoritarian pursuit | Editorial | Comments

United Daily News Editorial/Stuck in the Blue and White Alliance is to support the DPP’s authoritarian pursuit | Editorial | Comments
United Daily News Editorial/Stuck in the Blue and White Alliance is to support the DPP’s authoritarian pursuit | Editorial | Comments

Blue and White are once again in deadlock due to polling and statistics issues. The picture shows the KMT presidential candidate Hou Youyi (left) and the KMT presidential candidate…

Due to the difference in perception of the error margin of the poll, the blue and white checks were blocked, which doubled the pressure before registration for the presidential election. The People’s Party was unwilling to endorse the consensus of scholars, which immediately triggered a strong backlash among Blue and White supporters, with many negative remarks. The green camp was overjoyed. President Tsai Ing-wen immediately attacked this as a “blue-white split”. Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Lai Qingde even laughed on the spot: “There is no result announced, hahaha!”

People’s Party presidential candidate Ke Wenzhe emphasizes that he only believes in science, but breaks the scientific definition of the margin of error of all professors and textbooks, insisting on replacing science with “science.” The dramatic turn of events between Blue and White has left supporters of both sides feeling disappointed, excited, frustrated and anxious. In fact, Ke Wenzhe has never made less slanderous remarks about the Kuomintang. Therefore, when he was questioned during a discussion with students, Ke Wenzhe admitted that he “hates the Kuomintang, but he hates the DPP even more.” However, when Xiao Xucen, CEO of the Ma Ying-jeou Foundation, asked Ko if the situation was broken, Ko Wenzhe said: “If the situation is broken, the Republic of China will be finished.” He hoped to give him some time to negotiate.

right! If the situation is broken, the Republic of China will be doomed! It is not easy to combine blue and white, but it is not difficult to break the game. No one can bear the result of breaking the game. As Ko Wenzhe said, the blue-white alliance is to respond to the expectations of the majority of public opinion and to aim at political party rotation. In other words, this election is also a battle between mainstream public opinion. When the majority of public opinion expects the removal of the DPP, if it is easy to “turn the table” because of the uncertainty of the position, how can we convince the middle voters that blue and white can build domestic consensus and unity? Externally? If the current differences cannot be resolved, how can a coalition government create new leadership and a national future?

The presidential election has not officially started yet. If the “three majors advance” at the time of registration and the blue and white will lose, it will deprive voters of the opportunity to change and allow the political situation to continue to sink. This is not only a problem for the KMT, but also for the people. The party will also pay a price that is difficult to assess, which will be even more detrimental to future development. Therefore, Ke Wenzhe is unwilling to break the situation easily. Between the choice of “possible victory” and “certain defeat”, the highly intelligent Ke Wenzhe would not be confused about how to play this chess game.

The reality is that the People’s Party has been blocked from even advertising on television; because of the fermentation of the blue-white issue and the consideration of including land supporter Xu Chunying into non-districting, Ke Wenzhe and the People’s Party have been fully attacked. Ke Wenzhe knows very well that similar attacks will not only appear during elections, but will also be pursued and liquidated after the election. If the opposition is not integrated, will the People’s Party be willing to face the fate of “people are cut off from the sword, and I am the flesh and blood”? To paraphrase Ko Wenzhe, should Taiwan continue to be ruled by the Democratic Progressive Party, which “restrains opposition”? How long are we going to keep the people worried about the tensions in the Taiwan Strait?

The opposition camp has no policies to support the election and no budget for aid. Not only does it have to fight against the Democratic Progressive Party, which is grasped by the party, government and military, but it is also subject to judicial siege in the name of “catching gangsters and spies,” “anti-disinformation,” and “anti-election bribery.” In particular, the green media is everywhere, cheering for democratically elected dictatorships and suppressing and undermining democracy and freedom. If the opposition camp cannot work together to reverse such a bad political environment, it will be derelict in its duty. Is this what Ko Wenzhe, who calls for changing Taiwan’s political culture, wants to see?

During the Blue and White negotiations, the most discussed topic was how to decide who would be in charge and who would be deputy, while the least discussed was how to work together to win the support of voters in the middle. In addition to the green camp taking advantage of every opportunity, the die-hard supporters of “If you are not a Ke, you will not vote” and “If you are not a Hou, you will not vote” blame each other, which also makes cooperation between the two parties more difficult. If Blue and White leaders believe that cooperation between the two sides is beneficial to the country and the people, they must not only persuade their supporters to support it, but also win the approval of middle voters. Blue-White cooperation is not just a question of who is in charge and who is in charge, but a choice of the country’s key line. If the two parties cannot make the people feel the enthusiasm and motivation for change, it will be difficult to drive their support.

Blue and White are actually promises made by the two parties to voters. They are willing to jointly shoulder national responsibilities and are willing to change the political culture through practical actions, safeguard democracy, and get Taiwan back on track. Both parties should make every effort to protect the last seedling of opportunity. The answer to success or failure lies not only in Ke Hou’s heart, but also in the hands of supporters of both parties. Don’t give up easily this opportunity that can change each other’s destiny.

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