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Hou Youyi’s words of honesty do not mean that he is weak and willing to bear the humiliation | 2024 General Election Outpost | Important News

Hou Youyi’s words of honesty do not mean that he is weak and willing to bear the humiliation | 2024 General Election Outpost | Important News
Hou Youyi’s words of honesty do not mean that he is weak and willing to bear the humiliation | 2024 General Election Outpost | Important News

Kuomintang presidential candidate Hou Youyi attended the Chiayi County campaign headquarters inauguration meeting and mobilized more than 10,000 people to show support. Reporter Huang Yu…

The Blue and White alliance changed again after the Kuomintang presidential candidate Ko Wenzhe took the oath of office at New Taipei University. The Kuomintang presidential candidate Hou Youyi said in Chiayi yesterday that the Kuomintang was repeatedly courteous during the integration process and he endured the humiliation. In the nine polls, it was beneficial for him to be eliminated by the Kuomintang. He called on Ke to publish nine polls and say for every piece of evidence, “Politics cannot override science, and science must return to scientific professional discussions.”

Hou Youyi yesterday formed a joint campaign with Zhang Xiuhua, the KMT legislator candidate in Jiaqing City. When explaining the journey of the Blue and White alliance, he said that it was not a good journey after accepting the call. Many people asked him to “don’t be alarmed and keep fighting.” But six Cheng said that cooperation is needed, and that the people and the country should trump parties and individuals, so he agreed that the blue and white combination would serve the overall situation. There are only a few days left to register. Don’t worry, he will not disappoint everyone’s expectations.

“Honesty does not mean cowardice, and sincerity does not mean lack of bravery.” Hou said that many people look forward to the rotation of political parties to have a blue and white voice. He tolerates many insults, distortions, and sarcastic words, but some words even his supporters cannot listen to. He was not afraid of having a gun put to his head before. He came out to vote for the sake of the safety of the people, the country and this land. As long as he cooperates and allows the political parties to rotate, he is willing to bear the humiliation and bear the heavy burden.

Hou Youyi emphasized that Blue and White cooperation in polling “doesn’t matter, just compare.” The cooperation process emphasized science, and all negotiations were signed. The Kuomintang even gave up favorable parts such as party ratios. However, in nine polls, it was beneficial to him to eliminate the People’s Party. Yes, the statistical error range comparison is very clear. This is not the final say of Hou Youyi and Ke Wenzhe, but the final say of experts and scholars.

Zhao Shaokang, chairman of China Broadcasting Corporation, said that political parties are based on strength, and he hopes that when Ke Wenzhe turns around, the leader will have his own opinion.

Ling Tao, deputy CEO of the Kuomintang think tank, said that Ke Wenzhe is under huge pressure within the party, but it is Ke Wenzhe who signed the consensus, so any militant faction within the Kuomintang will not be tolerated by Taiwanese public opinion. “If these militant factions continue to support Overturning Ke Wenzhe, Huang Shanshan is the culprit behind Blue and White’s defeat.” Huang Shanshan asked, “Those who do not sign unequal treaties are the culprits? Are those who do not want to play fair and fair according to the rules a fat tiger?” Wu Yixuan, spokesperson of the Ke’s Office, advised Ling Tao not to create antagonism with each other with fierce remarks. Talking fast at the moment does not help communicate with each other.

[Reporter Wang Huiying/New Taipei Report]Ke Zhien, CEO of the KMT think tank, believes that blue-white cooperation is complementary. The KMT has ground troops and the KMT has the air combat energy. Blue-white cooperation can promote the replacement of political parties, and the key lies in Ke Wenzhe’s thoughts. The Kuomintang has an independent campaign strategy, but Blue and White can respond to the 60% of public opinion that expects political party rotation, and will show the greatest sincerity, patience and empathy to continue final negotiations with the People’s Party.

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