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Lai Qingde: Ke Wenzhe’s repeated words and deeds have left the world at a loss | 2024 presidential election | Important news

Lai Qingde: Ke Wenzhe’s repeated words and deeds have left the world at a loss | 2024 presidential election | Important news
Lai Qingde: Ke Wenzhe’s repeated words and deeds have left the world at a loss | 2024 presidential election | Important news

American scholar Glaser questioned the negotiating ability of the People’s Party presidential candidate Ke Wenzhe. DPP presidential candidate Lai Qingde said today that Ke Wenzhe’s repeated words and deeds have left the international community at a loss. Facing the blue and white combination, Lai Qingde believes that the people’s attention is not blue. There is no cooperation, but choosing the most experienced people to lead the country forward steadily.

Lai Qingde held a press conference at the campaign headquarters in the afternoon, and “Lai Xiaopei” appeared.

When asked by the media, Ke Wenzhe said that he would fight to the end as a presidential candidate of the Taiwan People’s Party. However, Bonnie Glaser and others believed that Ke Wenzhe’s negotiation skills were not enough to govern the country.

Lai Ching-te said that at this critical moment, Taiwan cannot tolerate chaos or experimentation, because national leaders want to lead Taiwan to compete in the International Cup, not just domestic competitions. The president must be steady, and win the affirmative support of the international community in every word and everything he does. The questions raised by Glaser reflect that what Ke Wenzhe said and did during this period was inconsistent and the international community was at a loss as to what to do.

Yao Liming, chairman of Lai Qingde’s campaign headquarters, said that for Lai’s team, today was like a joyful wedding. He was originally unwilling to talk about someone else’s divorce because the atmosphere was wrong, but he really couldn’t imagine that it should be unprecedented and unprecedented, both domestically and internationally. None of them have been outside, and they have to register, but only one group of candidates has been confirmed. Lai’s team doesn’t even know whether the opponent is the second group, the first group, or the third group.

Yao Liming believes that both the Kuomintang and Ke Wenzhe fantasize about each other that the other can be deceived or settled, but if one day either of them becomes the president and faces cross-strait negotiations and signs this word, it will not be the mother of the Ke family or the assistant of Ke’s office who will cry. 23 million people are crying. What happened in the past two weeks has made the people deeply realize the importance of stable leaders and giving people a sense of security.

Regarding the Blue and White tie, Lai Qingde believes that what the people pay attention to is not whether the Blue and White tie or not, or how many points are lost, but to consider selecting a group of candidates with the most experience and the most experience to lead the country to continue on the path of democracy steadily. Forward.

In addition, Shen Boyang, the president of Black Bear College, was included in the Democratic Progressive Party’s list of non-district legislators. The blue camp questioned this as a militant position.

Lai Ching-te explained that the international community is concerned about China’s attempts to influence elections through various means, which will also affect Taiwan’s future security. The DPP hopes to select a legislator for Taiwan who is familiar with national security and has experience in fighting disinformation, and will cautiously confront those from China intervenes in various ways.

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