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If the showdown between the Blue and White cards breaks, both sides have their own plans | 2024 election outpost | Important news


Registration for candidates for the 2024 presidential and legislative elections started yesterday, butblue and whiteStill stuck, core aides from both sides met yesterday to exchange views. It is understood that if Blue and White are determined to be incompatible, the People’s Party’s presidential candidate will be elected according to the plans agreed upon by both parties.Ke WenzhePlans to register to run for election tomorrow morning; the Kuomintang will nominate a candidate for vice president and presidential candidate at tomorrow’s mid-term meetingHou YouyiRegister to run for office the day after tomorrow, but both sides’ plans may change due to the progress of blue-white negotiations.

It was pointed out that the Kuomintang and the Kuomintang’s Party staff still have contacts in the past two days. The Blue Camp hopes to convey to Ke Wenzhe that at the last moment of the Blue and White cooperation, they must calmly think about “cooperation will benefit both sides”, which is also for the long-term development of the Kuomintang.

Ke Hua Ming registered today and announced the list of non-districted areas.

Ma Ying-jeouFoundation CEO Xiao Xucen said that former President Ma Ying-jeou believes that Blue and White have finally reached this point. Both sides are sincere in cooperating to safeguard the Republic of China, maintain security across the Taiwan Strait, and complete the regime change. He hopes that those responsible will complete the integration of differences as soon as possible. , responding to the expectations of the Chinese people.

Ko Wenzhe announced the day before yesterday that he “will continue to fight to the end as the presidential candidate of the Taiwan People’s Party.” It was interpreted that Ko insisted on “electing the right candidate” and that there is no longer a “Hou Ke match”. Ko’s camp also plans to announce a non-district list this afternoon.

Dai Yuwen, spokesman for Ke Jingban, said yesterday that Ke Hou could still talk. But Zhou Yuxiu, director of Ke Wenzhe’s campaign office, said last night that Ke Hou Pei seems to be more likely to win. After they confirmed with Ke Wenzhe, there is currently no option for “Ke Hou Pei”.

Hou: Regardless of the outcome, I will firmly follow my own path.

People from the Kuomintang said that the Kuomintang’s position remains unchanged and they also understand that Ke Wenzhe needs to explain to his supporters that the party chairmanZhu LilunHe also reiterated that the door to negotiations is always open, and they will continue to express goodwill and wait for the Popular Party’s response; however, if the militant faction still wants to ignore the overall situation for its own interests, the consequences of the train collision should be clearly thought out. People in the Kuomintang said that the atmosphere within the party regarding cooperation or war has reached its highest point. If the situation really breaks down, everyone will be prepared. The Kuomintang will first wait for the KMT to propose a list of non-district legislators and respond at any time.

Kuomintang presidential candidate Hou Youyi returned to Puzi, Chiayi yesterday morning to participate in the “Overseas Holy Meeting” organized by Peitian Temple every 12 years to patrol and bless the country. After praying, I rushed back to the campaign headquarters for a marathon meeting, where I will announce my anti-fraud policy this morning. Hou Youyi said that no matter what the final result is, he will respect Chairman Ke Wenzhe’s decision and will definitely unite together to determine the path he should take and win the election in the end.

Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Lai Qingde (left) announced yesterday that Xiao Meiqin (right), the representative to the United States, will serve as his deputy. This morning he went to the Central Election Commission to register.Reporter Hu Jingzhou/Photography

Lai Xiao Pei now registers Xiao Ming and falls for the country.

On the other hand, the Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidateLai QingdeYesterday it was announced that the representative in the United StatesXiao MeiqinAs deputy, he will go to the election meeting to register this morning. Lai quoted Lao Tzu’s “Tao Te Ching” and praised Xiao Meiqin for not fighting and staying home.

Xiao Meiqin frankly admitted that she had been stuck in a long examination before agreeing to serve as deputy, but the changes in Taiwan’s political situation also made her know that there was no room for her to avoid the difficult challenges at hand. She also said in Taiwanese: “For our country, I will Fall down (devote yourself wholeheartedly).”

DPP “Lai Xiaopei” completes registration to run for election

The Central Election Commission will accept registration of candidates for the 16th president and vice president from November 20 to 24. Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Lai Qingde and his deputy partner in the United States Xiao Meiqin…

2023-11-21 09:20

The blue and white cards will showdown if the game breaks. Both sides have their own records.

The registration of candidates for the 2024 Presidential and Legislative Elections started yesterday, but Blue and White are still stuck. Core staff from both sides met yesterday to exchange views. It is understood that if Blue and White are determined to be inconsistent, both parties…

2023-11-21 02:50

Don’t wait for blue and white to combine?Blue-China regular meeting notifies Mingti of candidate for vice president

KMT Chairman Zhu Lilun set the deadline for the “Blue and White” meeting of the KMT Central Committee tomorrow. The KMT yesterday circulated a meeting notice of the draft agenda for the Central Committee meeting. The content of the meeting read, “Organize and issue…

2023-11-21 02:56

News Eye/The decision in the last 30 seconds was made by Ke Wenzhe in one thought

After the Kuomintang and the People’s Party got stuck in the “Blue and White Cooperation”, the core staff restarted negotiations. It seemed to open another window, but it may take a turn for the worse again. With only three days left to register for the presidential election,…

2023-11-21 02:57

The Blue and White Cooperation negotiations count down, and the People’s Party leaders and factions shout out of the box: choose someone who can win

For the 2024 presidential election, Lai Qingde and Xiao Meiqin, partner of the Democratic Progressive Party President and Vice President, went to the central election meeting to register today. Regarding the blue and white cooperation, which has been blocked so far, former legislator Qiu Yi and the Kuomintang Da’an District Legislator…

2023-11-21 09:23

Blue and White continue to be stuck… Qiu Yiti solved the problem and found the strongest combination, saying he already had the answer

Registration for the 2024 presidential election has begun, but the blue-white alliance has been stuck so far. Seeing the countdown to negotiations, Kuomintang legislator Cheng Li-wen accepted a radio interview yesterday and believed that “the Kuomintang should admit defeat!”…

2023-11-21 09:09

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