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Koei Tecmo announces the international version of “Atelier Slyliana”, expected to be launched in 2024 | 4Gamers


Koei Tecmo announced today (21st) the latest work in the “Atelier” series “Atelier Lesileliana ~The Alchemy of Forgotten and the Liberator of the Extreme Night~” which is currently operating in Japan. (レスレリアーナのアトリエ~无れられた錌金法と极夜のliberator~) An international version of the news, including Chinese, will be launched in 2024.

“Sreliana’s Atelier” is a mobile platform game jointly developed by Koei Tecmo and Akatsuki Games. The game is basically free, and the prop class is gold-based. It is numbered “A25” as the main series.

This work describes that a long time ago, there was a kingdom called Lantana. There was a comet hanging in the sky. The people there used the power of the comet to
Favor creates technology. This technique is called “Nujinshu”. There were many zojin sorcerers who used this technique. Through the power of gold magic, the kingdom has achieved rapid development.

However, as the number of comets decreased, alchemy also declined and was slowly forgotten. In a corner of the Lantana Kingdom, two girls met fatefully. One of the girls is named Lesna. She found the hope of the world in the art of gold, and set out for the royal capital in order to go to the “Ultimate Continent” where the source of miracles sleeps.

Another girl named Valeria lives in the slums and has lost her memory. As an adventurer member of the “Moon Shadow Society”, she lives a miserable life every day. However, a mysterious organization called “Jiye Jin Party” is slowly approaching the two. In the intertwined doubts, the two of them are slowly getting closer to the truth sleeping on this continent.

Characters from past generations from other worlds, called “outsiders”, will weave new stories in this new setting. Many characters including Lysa, Phyllis, Monica, Charlie, Esika, Logi, Asia, Totori, Lorena, etc. will appear in this game.

The game loop system will be based on the familiar “gathering”, “blending” and “combat” of the Alchemy Atelier series. You can continue the plot without spending energy. “Collection” can obtain materials by exploring mazes and points battles.

When “Blending”, you can use the obtained materials, mana, and combine the power of multiple alchemists to blend. After getting the recipe, select the character and materials to combine together. Create your own items by observing the character’s “talent color” and “characteristics”.


In battle, three people are divided into groups, each using their own skills. In addition to using blended props, you can also use explosive skills (nirvana) to show off gorgeous performances.


The international version of “Slyliana’s Alchemy Workshop” is currently undergoing pre-registration and is expected to be launched in 2024. By participating in the pre-registration, you can get Star Guide Stone × 1000, SSR Memories at the Cool River × 1, ★3[5 Star system master]Lorena × 1.

The article is in Chinese

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