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Explore the galaxy and mine various rare minerals!The new strategy simulation game “Star Miner” is scheduled to launch early access in 2024 – Bahamut


Publisher Paradox Arc announced that the new space-themed strategy simulation “Starminer” (tentative translation, original name: Starminer), developed by CoolAndGoodGames, is scheduled to be launched on the PC (Steam) platform in early access in 2024.

Originally named “ILL Space”, “Interstellar Miner” is a space-themed strategy simulation game. In the game, players need to lead an interstellar mining fleet to mine valuable minerals buried in various planets and resell these minerals to earn huge profits. In addition to selling these minerals, players can also use these resources to maintain and expand their fleets, research new technologies, and build portals. Through the portal, players will be able to mine rarer minerals in new spaces.

In the game, the bigger the player’s spaceship is, the better. The team stated that when players build their own battleships, they must also consider power, weight, and spacecraft size. Whether you want to build a small and medium-sized spaceship that is responsive and more flexible, or you want to build a huge and powerful space station, it is up to the player to choose.

In addition, in “Interstellar Miner”, players need to control their mining scale and the amount of wealth accumulation. If the critical value is reached, aliens will target you. At this time, players need to use defense systems and various weapons to prevent alien attacks.

“Star Miner” is scheduled to be launched on the Steam platform in early access in 2024.

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