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Terry Gou wants to promote “Ke Xia’s match”? Rumor has it that Lai Peixia was recommended to serve as Ke Wenzhe’s deputy. Ke Ban exposed the inside story | Politics | Sanli News Network SETN.COM


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The “Blue and White” coalition is in a deadlock due to the problem of polling error calculation. At this embarrassing moment, Ke Wenzhe secretly met with Terry Gou, who is running independently. Now it is reported that Gou recommended his deputy Lai Peixia to Ke Wenzhe, so that they can form a “Ke Xia pairing”. In response, Ke Wenzhe’s spokesperson Chen Zhihan responded in an interview today (21st) that as far as she knows, there are currently no plans to cooperate with Lai Peixia.

▲Blue and White are in a deadlock, and it is said that Director Guo recommended his deputy Lai Peixia to Ke Wenzhe. (Picture/Photography by reporter Yang Shu)

It has not yet been determined whether there will be a “Ke Pei” or a “Ke Pei” in the 2024 presidential election. However, Ko Wenzhe has secretly met with Terry Gou twice recently, making the outside world curious whether there will be a “Ke Pei” or “Ke Pei” options. Now there is more news that Gou Taiming recommended his deputy Lai Peixia to Ke Wenzhe and asked them to form a “Ke Xia Pair” to run for the election.

▲ Chen Zhihan said that during the secret meeting between Ko and Kuo, they mainly discussed the integration of the opposition and how to win the election. (Picture/File photo)

In this regard, according to the “Liberty Times” report, Chen Zhihan, spokesman for the Kuomintang Office, said that during the secret meeting between Kuo and Kuo, Director Guo was very polite and generous about the integration of the opposition, and was willing to promote unity from all walks of life. He also had many ideas about the rotation of political parties in 2024, but Guo did not propose that the seats should be divided into different districts, or that he would give his deputy to Ke Wenzhe. He just wholeheartedly wanted to promote the integration of the opposition. They were also very grateful.

As for whether Ko Wenzhe persuaded Terry Gou to withdraw from the election or serve as his deputy, Chen Zhihan responded that the two people focused on discussing how to win the election and let the people live a good life. Various combinations or combinations were not the main focus of the discussion between the two parties.

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