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Secondary Vocational Live’ Huang Enci scored in 7 innings, Chen Wenjie tripled like a 11:0 ape-Free Sports

Eighth inning (like 11:0 ape)

On the 8th, Chen Wenjie hit a three-base hit in the center field, Yue Donghua hit a fly ball in the left field, Fu Laixi hit a sacrifice hit in the left field, and the brothers led Taoyuan 11-0.

seventh inning

On the 7th, Taoyuan replaced Huang Weisheng, Jiang Kunyu hit the right field, Lin Shuyi got a four-ball walk, Xu Jihong struck out, and Chen Zihao made a double-kill on the second base.

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7 hits, Zhu Yuxian was assassinated on the second base grounder, Yan Hongjun was struck out, Yang Jinhao hit an infield hit, Yang Jinhao relied on the fielder to choose to go to second base, and Chen Chenwei got a fly ball in left field.

Sixth inning (like 10:0 ape)

On the 6th, Jiang Kunyu hit the left field, Lin Shuyi got a four-ball walk, Taoyuan changed the pitcher to Lai Hongcheng, Xu Jihong hit the right field, and returned to the brothers for the 6th point. Chen Zihao hit a high-flying sacrifice hit in right field at the first and third base, Chen Wenjie hit a left field hit with an RBI, Fu Laixi swept a left field double, and the brothers led Momomon 10-0.

In 6 hits, Liao Jianfu hit the third base grounder, Chen Junxiu struck out, Liang Jiarong was escorted by the ball, Lin Lidai hit the third base grounder, and Liang Jiarong was blocked and out.

Xu Jihong. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

Chen Wenjie. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

ca2fe2e410.jpgHappy Happy. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

fifth inning

On the 5th, Yue Donghua’s third-base flat fly was killed, Fulaixi’s third-base grounder was assassinated, Pan Zhifang’s guerilla grounder formed a field hit, and Yue Zhenghua’s midfield flyball was out.

In 5 hits, Zhu Yuxian was assassinated in a guerilla grounder, Yan Hongjun hit a second base in the field, Yang Jinhao got a four-ball walk, Chen Chenwei was struck out, Cheng Jin’s second base fly ball was killed, Huang Enci once again resolved the point circle crisis .

fourth game

On the 4th, Lin Shuyi got a four-ball walk, Xu Jihong was caught in the middle field fly ball, Chen Zihao rolled the ball at second base, Lin Shuyi was blocked, Chen Zihao took advantage of the pass to first base, and Chen Wenjie was struck out.

4 hits, Cheng Jin’s midfield fly ball was picked up, Liao Jianfu picked up four bad balls to walk, Guo Yanwen’s first base fly ball was picked up, Liang Jiarong hit the right field, Lotte captured the first and second base, Guo Yongwei’s right field fly ball was picked up, The peach monkey left a remnant.

third game

On the 3rd, Yue Donghua hit the second base grounder, Fu Laixi hit the right field, Pan Zhifang hit the middle field fly ball, Yue Zhenghua hit the right field, and Jiang Kunyu hit the second base grounder.

In 3 hits, Yan Hongjun pitcher Qiu Qiang was stabbed to the ground, Yang Jinhao was hit with a fly ball at second base, and Chen Chenwei was out of the game at first base.

The second game (like 5:0 ape)

On the 2nd, Fu Laixi hit a guerilla grounder, Yang Jinhao made a defensive error, Fulaixi took advantage of the pass to the second base, Pan Zhifang’s pitcher Qiu grounder was assassinated, Fulaixi advanced to the third base, Yue Zhenghua got four bad balls Going to base, Jiang Kunyu and Lin Shuyi both got the touch ball and walked back, the brothers squeezed back 1 point, must win more to contain the pitcher foul and then drop the points, Xu Jihong was assassinated in a guerilla roll, and returned the 4th point, Chen Zihao hit a ball with a 1 RBI field hit, the brothers lead 5-0.

3940f6efb0.jpgChen Zihao. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

202a6d60da.jpgMust win more. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

2 hits, Guo Yanwen’s left field fly ball was killed, Liang Jiarong selected four bad balls to walk, Guo Yongwei was assassinated on the third base grounder, and Zhu Yuxian’s left field fly ball was killed.

The first game (like 1:0 ape)

On the 1st, Yue Zhenghua and Jiang Kunyu knocked consecutively, forming a man on the first and third bases. Lin Shuyi was sure to win with more strikeouts. Xu Jihong got a touch ball and walked the bases. . Chen Wenjie got a four-ball walk, the brothers captured the base again, and Yue Donghua was assassinated in a guerilla grounding.

1 shot, Chen Chenwei’s midfield fly ball was caught, Cheng Jin’s guerilla grounder was assassinated, Liao Jianfu’s left field fly ball was caught, and Huang Enci threw three ups and threes.

3206fbf32b.jpgYue Zhenghua. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

ec06052fdd.jpgJiang Kunyu. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

The two teams start

CITIC Brothers first sent the sequence:

No. 1 Yue Zhenghua, Central Outfield
The second guerrilla Jiang Kunyu
3rd Lin Shuyi right field
4th bat Xu Jihong first base
5th stick Chen Zihao designated blow
6th bat Chen Wenjie left field
No. 7 Yue Donghua Second Base
8th Felicity catcher
9th Pan Zhifang Third Base

Starting pitcher: Huang Enci

04404db9dd.jpgHuang Enci. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

Rakuten Peach Ape starts the sequence:

No. 1 Chen Chenwei, center field
2nd bat Cheng Jin right field
The 3rd Liao Jianfu designated strike
Fourth Base Guo Yanwen First Base
5th Leong Jiarong Third Base
6th Bat Guo Yongwei Second Base
7th bat Zhu Yuxian left field
The 8th stick Yan Hongjun catcher
No. 9 Yang Jinhao Guerrilla

Starting pitcher: Must win more

abc0262d90.jpgMust win more. (Photo by reporter Lin Zhengkun)

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