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NBA Column / Li Yishen, Russell Westbrook and the Los Angeles Lakers, fate is over

Russell Westbrook’s whereabouts a mystery? (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The Lakers did two “unbelievable” things in a month.

The Lakers first traded for Patrick Beverley. The Lakers already have a starting point guard Russell Westbrook with an annual salary of $47.1 million, so why trade for another ball handler?

Then the Lakers signed Dennis Schroder from free agency, who no one wanted. Dennis Schroder just led Germany to the third place in the Euro 2022. He is the soul of the German team and the ball. The driving force shows the strength of the best sixth man in the NBA.

There is another gossip today, Dennis Schroder revealed, “I sent a request to LeBron James through social media before the European Championships, I would love to return to play with the Lakers, and then we kept in touch during the European Championships, Eventually I got an invitation from LeBron James.”

“I’m lucky that the Lakers finally gave me a contract.” Dennis Schroder revealed the interaction between him and LeBron James in the past two weeks.

The Lakers actively operate and introduce Patrick Beverley. Beverley is good at defense, has the ability to stabilize the outside line, and can also drive defense and morale. He is the catalyst + driver for the Lakers on the defensive end, and at the same time, he can open up space and play the role of a defensive leader.

Dennis Schroder將重返湖人。(AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Dennis Schroder will return to the Lakers. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Dennis Schroder has always been one of the most popular candidates for the NBA’s sixth man. Both the starter and the bench can change the game. Dennis Schroder’s personal performance, leadership ability and the German team’s record in this year’s European Cup basketball game are enough to prove that he It is worth the Lakers to give him a veteran minimum salary guarantee contract.

The Lakers traded to strengthen the ball. “Old James” LeBron James took the initiative to recruit Dennis Schroder and facilitated this with the team. Here are a few reasons why it is not difficult to understand:

1. The Lakers and Russell Westbrook have broken up: We are almost certain that the Lakers executives and Russell Westbrook are no longer compatible. Before the smooth trade of Russell Westbrook, the Lakers must find a starter who can replace Russell Westrbook, help the Lakers play better defense, and at the same time be able to play better defense. Open space and help James, the team’s point guard.

2. James and Russell Westbrook have been unable to communicate: The communication between James and Russell Westbrook has long since stopped, because Russell Westbrook insists on being himself, he still wants to control the ball, which is completely with the Lakers, James, and most people. different. I believe there is also communication, negotiation, and tolerance between James and Russell Westbrook as a team.

But the communication was ineffective, Russell Westbrook insisted on himself, and he did not want to make any more adjustments and sacrifices for the team and James.

3. The Lakers will shoot sooner or later, or even buy out Russell Westbrook: The Lakers should shoot Russell Westbrook before the player trade deadline in February next year at the latest, but as long as there is a suitable offer and timing to sell, the Lakers will shoot Russell Westbrook at any time, otherwise the Lakers will not be able to solve the problem. set.

Why did the Lakers trade to acquire Patrick Beverley and then sign Dennis Schroder back from the free market? The Lakers executives and James have long had a tacit understanding. It’s only a matter of time to deal with Russell Westbrook. The Lakers have given up on any experimentation. Russell Westbrook has been unable to integrate into the Lakers team in various roles and ways.

Patrick Beverley(左) 將在湖人合體LeBron James(右)。(AP Photo/Mark J . Terrill)

Patrick Beverley(左) 將在湖人合體LeBron James(右)。(AP Photo/Mark J . Terrill)

Patrick Beverley (left) will join LeBron James (right) with the Lakers. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

4. The Lakers will eventually give up Russell Westbrook: For the Lakers, the worst situation is to delay the processing of Russell Westbrook until February next year. Quote.

Russell Westrbook is a huge negative asset, and all possible trading objects just want to “release salary space”, because Russell Westrbook has the last year of his contract left, and he is not interested in Russell Westbrook’s ability and role.

Russell Westrbook may have recognized the fact that he has no market, and it is even difficult to turn over in the future, but he doesn’t want to admit it, so he can only bite the bullet and hold on.

Maintaining self-esteem, maintaining arrogance, and maintaining ego is the bottom line that Russell Westbrook insists on and is unwilling and unable to change.

The Lakers are going to get rid of Russell Westbrook at any time, and that’s what the Lakers are doing, and it’s a reality that Russell Westbrook doesn’t want to admit and refuses to compromise.

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