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Classics/Break Puerto Rico’s bullpen Mexico’s first semi-final against Japan | Classics | Sports

mexican team in world baseballclassicThe quarter-finals staged a reversal show, facing a 4-point deficit at the start, gradually catching up, and the Puerto Rico bullpen without the terminator Edwin Diaz also set fire to the bottom of the 7th inning, allowing Mexico to finally beat Puerto Rico 5:4 , the team broke into the semi-finals of the classic for the first time in team history, and will face the Japanese team.

Puerto Rico scored 4 points with two home runs in the first inning. First, Emmanuel Rivera made a high-flying sacrifice hit with a man on first and third bases, and then Javier Baez made up a double serve. The shots were divided, and Eddie Rosario (Eddie Rosario) also fired back-to-back shots.

It’s just that Puerto Rico couldn’t score anymore. Instead, Mexico first broke the duck’s egg with Isaac Paredes in the second inning. The bases were loaded in the fifth inning. 1 point.

Missing the first chance to make a big game, the Mexican team got a second chance in 7 innings. Puerto Rico reliever A. Diaz (Alexis Diaz) threw 12 balls but failed to solve half of the people. Instead, he had a hit and two walks , leaving the game with no outs and bases loaded.

Although Jorge Lopez, who took over, relied on the fly ball above the catcher and struck out, he quickly caught 2 outs, but the Mexican team relied on Barredes to hit Ann and scored 2 RBIs to tie. Urias ( Luis Urias added another hit to bring the lead back to one run.

Mexico reversed Puerto Rico and reached the semi-finals.Associated Press

The absence of Poland’s Terminator Diaz appeared. He tore the patellar tendon in the last game of the group match to celebrate his victory, which caused him to tear his patellar tendon. Diaz’s jersey symbolizes spiritual presence.

The Mexican team handed over to the Dodgers to start Julio Urias. Although he dropped 4 points in the first inning, he stabilized and only dropped 4 points after 4 innings. (Javier Assad) pitched 2.2 innings without losing a point, waited for the opportunity to reverse, and the next 3 pitchers continued to suppress and defend the victory.

Classic Game/Puerto Rico’s Bullpen Exploded, Mexico’s first semi-finals against Japan

The Mexican team staged a comeback show in the quarterfinals of the World Baseball Classic. Facing a 4-point deficit at the start, they are gradually catching up. Puerto Rico without the terminator Edwin Diaz…

2023-03-18 10:28

Classic match / Otani Shohei IG rose 1.36 million fans to set a record for participating players

Since the start of the World Baseball Classic, Shohei Otani is definitely the most concerned name in the world, as evidenced by the statistics, according to the statistics on the official website of the Major League, Shohei Otani’s fans during the group stage of the Classic…

2023-03-18 11:50

Classic game/Japanese team pitchers arrange two versions of the semi-finals Sasaki Langxi to start

After the Japanese team arrived in the United States, they began to adapt to the jet lag. They were preparing for the semi-finals of the World Baseball Classic on March 20, Taiwan time. There were two versions of the pitching arrangement, but Sasaki Ryo…

2023-03-18 09:28

Classic match/self-training captured compatriot Sasaki Langxi: Do you have any recommended Japanese restaurants?

The Japanese team is heading to Miami to prepare for the semi-finals of the World Baseball Classic. Rōshi Sasaki trained independently and did not forget to collect food information. The 20-year-old Hiroto Takahashi has only been to Taiwan before, and the United States has become…

2023-03-18 11:16

Classics/Snapshots! 53-year-old Griffey hits the crowds of American stars

There are 10 minutes left in the official practice time, what to do? The U.S. team in the classic game decided to invite God out, hitting coach Ken Griffey Jr. today…

2023-03-18 09:58

Classics / The whole world is crazy about WBC!Official announcement of new records for preliminaries ratings and appearances

As the highest-level baseball event, the classic game has reappeared in six years due to the impact of the epidemic. Therefore, it has attracted special attention. The MLB officially announced the number of people entering the preliminaries and Ratings and other data, write many new records.preliminaries in

2023-03-18 12:01

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