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Classic match / “enchanted” by fans, Cuban Arosa Reina has a reason to represent Mexico | Classic match | Sports

Randy Arozarena’s beautiful catch in the quarterfinals contributed to Mexico’s 5-4 victory over Puerto Rico.classicThe excellent results on both ends of the offense and defense, coupled with the big action celebrations that are not stingy to show passion, made him “canonized” in Mexico. Arozarena said: “I never thought it would be like this.”

Mexico started with a 0-4 deficit in the quarter-finals of the classic, and it was hard to come back after hitting 7 innings. Puerto Rico was on the offensive in the 8th inning, with 1 out and a man on the first base. Emmanuel Rivera knocked out left field The deep fly ball was about to form a long hit, but Arosa Reina jumped up and hit the home run in front of the wall to catch the kill, holding a precious one-point lead.

After the game, he was asked, which one is the highlight moment of his career compared with the World Series? Arosarena said: “The catch in the 8th inning of the classic in March 2023, there is no doubt that I can help the team hold the lead and win 5:4, so I choose this catch.”

Not only on defense, Arozarena played 5 games in the classic game, hit 471%, hit 8 hits including 1 home, 5 doubles, contributed 9 RBIs, and made him famous among Mexican fans. His status in his heart has been greatly improved, and even because the posture of raising his arms after receiving the kill is reminiscent of “Jesus”, some people call him “God”, and many “meme” pictures are made for him on the Internet.

“I am very grateful for the support of the Mexican fans.” Arozarena said: “Many people came to Miami to see us. They helped us a lot. Putting it on a banknote, I’ve never been treated like this before.”

In fact, Arozarena was born in Cuba and even represented the Cuban team in Taiwan in 2013 to participate in the U18 World Cup Baseball Tournament in Taiwan. However, with the acquisition of Mexican citizenship in 2020, he also announced that he will play for the Mexican team in the future.

Arozarena was asked after the game why he chose to represent Mexico. He said: “I left or escaped Cuba in 2015 and came to Mexico and put down roots here. I have a Mexican daughter and Mexico also As my own child, I wanted to represent Mexico in the classics, so I had this opportunity.”

Classic game / “enchanted” by fans, Cuban Arosa Reina has a reason to represent Mexico

Arozarena (Randy Arozarena) in the quarterfinals of the United States and kills, for the Mexican team to beat Puerto Rico 5: 4 meritorious service, he in the World Baseball Classic…

2023-03-18 14:53

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2023-03-18 11:50

Classic match / Lin Xiang is proud to be a classic girl and confides her heart to the Japanese media

The preliminaries of the World Baseball Classic came to an end. The Chinese team ended with 2 wins and 2 losses. Due to the high loss rate, they missed the chance to stand out in the group A brawl. Among them, Lin Xiang, who is highly popular, was interviewed by Japanese media a few days ago, and confidently shouted: “Taiwan

2023-03-18 12:18

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