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The NBA/Playoffs Window Hasn’t Closed yet on Damian Lillard’s Desperation

Damian Lillard is an optimist. At least until the March 9 game against the Celtics, he is optimistic that the team will make the playoffs.

Although the Blazers are 31-35 after the Celtics game, Lillard still believes the team can turn the tide. During an interview, he once said: “Although we have stumbled, there are several teams in the West that have lost 33 or 34 games (before the deadline). Even if it seems that we can only fight to see the playoff Playoffs, but there will be opportunities to play against each other. Everyone’s challenge is the same. If things go well, we may reach the playoffs in fifth place. Now the team is continuing to struggle and strive to become a playoff-playable team. team.”

Suggesting the Trail Blazers trade Lillard or persuading him to ask for a trade is not the topic of this article. After all, these two topics have been discussed badly and have been slapped in the face by reality.

Lillard is loyal to the Blazers. Not only has he publicly stated that he also signed an extension last year to allow him to play for the Blazers until the 2026-27 season. He wanted a championship and was desperate to bring one to the Blazers. The real question is, how can this great goal be accomplished?


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