The PC version of “All Baseball Pro” debuts and introduces the national hero legend card- Bahamut

The PC version of “All Baseball Pro” debuts and introduces the national hero legend card- Bahamut
The PC version of “All Baseball Pro” debuts and introduces the national hero legend card- Bahamut

Netmarble Hot Pepper announced today (25th) that the hot-blooded sports mobile game “Everybody Plays Baseball Pro” officially launched a PC connection version, and simultaneously opened a number of special activities such as the 14-day sign-in for the PC launch, strengthening the designated national hero legend player card, and so on.

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“Everybody Plays Baseball Pro” PC version debut

After this update, “Everybody Plays Baseball Pro” officially launched the PC connection version. When playing the PC version to strike, you can use the arrow keys to move the strike frame, press the S key to swing, and use the W key for a strong swing; while defending, you can use A, S, D, Q, W and E key to select a variety of balls for pitching. Players are welcome to experience it immediately and play with friends.

14-day limited-time sign-in event National Heroes and Legends player card login to send

In order to celebrate the launch of the PC online version, a limited-time 14-day sign-in event is launched in the game. From now until June 13, players who participate in this event will be able to directly get the “Ghost Legend of Point Circle” on the 3rd day after logging in to the game. Player Pack * 1 (not tradable at all), reminding players to seize the best chance to acquire legendary players!

At the same time, there are also many free or gem-limited sales items in the PC version, as well as limited sales of cash items. In addition, players who complete the email binding during the event period can also get “Ghost of the Point Circle Legendary Player Pack * 1 (not tradeable at all)”, strengthening combat power starts now!

Strengthen the national hero to go to Tokyo to cheer on the spot

From now until 10:00 am on June 21, players can participate in this lottery when they have reached the designated national hero player card level enhancement + 1 or above. And every time the enhancement level of the designated player card increases by 1, the lucky draw chance will increase by 1, up to 15 times at most.

The official reminds that players who want to participate in the event need to fill out the registration form on the Facebook fan page of “Everybody Plays Baseball Pro” to facilitate follow-up contact matters for winning prizes. At the same time, players who have filled out the form and are eligible for the lucky draw will get “Top Enhanced Lucky Coupon * 1” after the event ends.

The biggest prize in this lottery is “Taipei-Tokyo Itinerary Voucher + Point Circle Ghost Merchandise”, with a total value of NT$20,000, and the second prize is the merchandise of the Japanese professional baseball Seibu Lions. In addition, during the event period, 3 players who have reached the enhancement level of the specified national hero player card + 15 will receive special prizes, and get the gems they consume during the enhancement process of the specified player card. However, the official also reminded that the enhanced recovery related items consumed during the event will not be returned. Players are welcome to actively participate in the event and bring back rich gifts!

“All People Play Baseball Pro” is based on the classic baseball game IP “All People Play Baseball”. In the “simulated league”, adjust the strategy in a timely manner according to the unexpected situation, and lead the team to victory. In addition, there are also “real-time battles” and “friendly matches” that can be compared with other players, and easy-to-use mini-games such as “event mode”, so that players can enjoy the fun of fighting at any time.

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