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Secondary school Golden Glove king Weichen dominated third base for 5 consecutive times. Jiang Kunyu and Li Kaiwei scored full marks.


(Central News Agency reporter Xie Jingwen, Taipei, 14th) The secondary school announced the annual Gold Glove list today. Wang Weichen of the CITIC Brothers team completed the 5th consecutive Gold Glove third baseman victory. Jiang Kunyu scored a perfect score and won the guerrilla Gold Glove for the 4th consecutive year. Lee Kaiwei of the Weiquan Dragons also Obtained a perfect score and completed the second consecutive victory for the second baseman.

The Chinese Professional Baseball League announced today the list of annual Golden Glove winners. Six players have won the Golden Glove award. The CITIC Brothers Golden Three and You continue to prove their strength with fielding. Wang Weichen has 236 fielding opportunities this year, 77 assassinations, 153 assists, 6 Errors, fielding percentage of 0.975, and won the third baseman’s Gold Glove Award for 5 consecutive years.

Brothers shortstop Jiang Kunyu has a total of 511 fielding opportunities this season, 197 kills, 308 assists, 6 errors, and a fielding rate of 0.988. He received a perfect score of 220 points and was selected for the shortstop Golden Glove Award for 4 consecutive years.

Wei Quanlong Guo Tianxin often performs wonderful skills in the outfield, with 293 kills and 11 assists. The data is the most among qualified outfielders. He has won the Outfield Golden Glove Award for three consecutive years.

Fan Guochen, the only Fubon player who is eligible for the first base Gold Glove Award this year, has a fielding rate of 0.994 this year and was successfully selected with 203 points. He has won the first baseman Gold Glove for the second consecutive year.

Wei Quanlong Li Kaiwei won the second baseman’s Gold Glove Award for the second time, with 211 kills, 336 assists, 4 errors, and a fielding rate of 0.993. He is firmly the second baseman of Wei Quan. His performance will definitely get 220 points. Second baseman Jin The Glove Award is well deserved.

Unified 7-ELEVEn Lion Chen Jiexian is the only outfielder who is eligible this year with a fielding average of 1.000 and has won the award for two consecutive years; Lotte Monkey Chen Chenwei won the Outfield Golden Glove Award for the first time in his career.

The Dragons foreign pitcher Steel Dragon has won the pitching king, strikeout king, best nine-man pitcher award, and also won the pitcher’s Golden Glove award; Dragons catcher Jiang Shaohong has 447 fielding opportunities this year, 390 kills, 56 assists, 18 He had 1 stolen base, 1 error, and a fielding percentage of 0.998, winning his first career Gold Glove Award. (Editor: Li Hengshan) 1121114

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Secondary school Golden Glove king Weichen dominated third base for 5 consecutive times. Jiang Kunyu and Li Kaiwei scored full marks.
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