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Korean Li Haozhen joins Fubon Angels and his nickname is 51, which is related to Busan

Korean Li Haozhen joins Fubon Angels and his nickname is 51, which is related to Busan
Korean Li Haozhen joins Fubon Angels and his nickname is 51, which is related to Busan

(Central News Agency reporter Huang Qiaowen, Taipei, 15th) Li Haozhen, who plays for the Korean professional baseball team Lotte Giants and is known as the “Busan Goddess”, joined the cheerleading team Fubon Angels. She showed off her dance and simple Chinese at the joining press conference today, and revealed her choice of nickname. The number 51 is because the Busan area code is “051”.

Fubon Angels, which won the Taiwan Professional Basketball Association P. LEAGUE+ Cheerleader of the Year award last season, has recruited new members for the new season. Today it was announced that the candidate is Li Haozhen from South Korea, who has a tall figure and a sweet smile. She also has the “Busan Goddess” and “The Sweetest Foreign Aid” ” is called.

Li Hao-cheng appeared on the sidelines during the match against the Kaohsiung Steelers at the Taipei Peace Basketball Arena, home of the Fubon Warriors, on the 12th, and left a deep impression. She also shared the basketball support culture of Taiwan and South Korea when she attended the press conference today. Different, “In Korea, only the fans sitting in the front support seats will cheer, but Taiwanese cheerleaders are scattered in different corners of the stadium, so they will bring the whole audience to cheer together.”

After Korean professional cheerleading team members Li Dahui and An Zhiyan came to Taiwan one after another, Li Haozhen will also make an appearance in the Taiwanese professional basketball team. Li Haozhen said that everyone has different strengths and hopes that he can use his strengths to show his best side to the fans, and I hope to become a cheerleading girl that everyone loves.

Li Haozhen performed two dances at today’s press conference and introduced herself in Chinese. Talking about the reason for choosing the number 51, she explained that because she is from Busan, considering that the Busan area code is 051, she chose No. 51 as the number.

Li Haozhen arrived in Taiwan on the evening of the 11th and used her free time to experience Taiwan’s local culture and food. She revealed that she most wanted to go to Jiufen. Among the Taiwanese delicacies she has eaten, hot pot is her favorite. “I also visited the Ningxia night market yesterday and ate a lot of delicious food. food”. (Editor: Chen Zhengwei) 1121115

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