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AFC Champions League/Chinese team “touching scene” after the game, Japan Network praises: good team | TVBS | LINE TODAY

The Chinese team’s Gu Lin Ruiyang was praised by Japanese football critics and fans after the game. (Picture/Provided by Secondary Vocational School)

The opening match of the Asian Professional Baseball Championship was held in Japan on the 16th. Although the Chinese team lost to the Japanese Samurai team and lost 0-4, the players of the Chinese team bowed to the stadium and their opponents after the game, which was still received by Japan. Fans pay attention. Some fans said they were very touched by the scene and praised the Chinese team as a good team.

“THE ANSWER” reported that after the game, the Japanese team and the Chinese team formed a team at the inbounds line of the Tokyo Dome and waved to the fans to express their gratitude. Many players also took off their hats to pay tribute to their opponents. At this time, some Japanese netizens pointed out that the Chinese team players bowed deeply towards the court and maintained it for 5 or 10 seconds before standing up straight and returning to the bench area.

This scene moved many fans, praising on social media “What an amazing scene”, “Some Taiwanese players bowed for so long, I was shocked as a Japanese”, “Taiwanese players kept bowing Yeah”, “They also bowed to the Japanese players, it’s really cool”, “The Chinese team will bow like this every time from the past, they are a great team” and some netizens pointed out “I saw the first baseman of the Chinese team , bowed deeply towards the defensive position, I was inexplicably moved.”

Not only in the AFC Champions League, but also in this year’s (2023) classic game, the Chinese team’s salute method has attracted the attention of Japanese netizens. After the game, the players of the Chinese team formed a circle on the pitcher’s mound and gave the fans a “circle salute” from 360 degrees. This was well received by many Japanese fans, who praised “I just like Taiwan’s style.”

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