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AFC Champions League/Lin Jingkai slams the gun “The frontman has no expression on his face”!Netizen laughs: It’s a common occurrence for him


(Reporter Chen Tangwei/Comprehensive Report) The Asian Professional Baseball Championship entered the second day. The Chinese team relied on the super suppressive power of Lotte Peach Monkey’s starting pitcher Chen Keyi, as well as Chen Jiexian’s key hit and Lin Jingkai’s shocking grand slam to end the game. They defeated Australia 6-0 and won the first AFC Champions League victory in the team’s history. However, some sharp-eyed fans discovered that Lin Jingkai’s ground-breaking goal made head coach Chen Jinfeng expressionless? In response, some fans joked that “it was a common occurrence for him before.”

The Chinese team faced Australia in the AFC Champions League very well. Starting pitcher Chen Keyi only allowed 2 hits in 7 innings and struck out 5 times without allowing any runs. The Chinese team always lacked a winning hit in the early stages of the game until the overtime. Relying on the opponent’s errors and Taiwan captain Chen Jiexian’s key hit, he successfully broke through the deadlock. Then with the bases loaded, Lin Jingkai missed the “full base count” and directly hit a grand slam home run without mercy, and the Chinese team singled out. He scored 6 points in the game, and Qiu Junwei continued to pitch in the second half of the 10th game to stabilize the game. The Chinese team also won 6-0.

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AFC Champions League/Lin Jingkai slams the gun “The frontman has no expression on his face”!Netizen laughs: It’s a common occurrence for him

Picture/(Provided by China Professional Baseball)

After the game, some fans shouted that it was “Meow Meow International Year”. The AFC Champions League relied on Ku Lin Rui Yang, the anti-Australia team relied on Lin Jingkai and Chen Jiexian, and the Asian Games had three swordsmen: Ku Lin Rui Yang, Lin Anke and Lin Zihao. The performance in the international competition is really remarkable. He also said, “Unified Lions have put all their skills into the international competition this year.”

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Picture/(Provided by China Professional Baseball)

It is worth mentioning that after Lin Jingkai hit the Grand Slam in this game, the players and relevant staff of the Chinese team almost went crazy. However, only the head coach Chen Jinfeng remained motionless and expressionless. Some fans laughed and shouted, “Because of the blast.” Home runs were commonplace for him before.” In fact, recently a Japanese elephant fan “Notey” made a special guide to the Chinese team in the AFC Champions League, introducing the players of each team in Japanese in detail. Among them, Chen Jinfeng’s introduction was “Taiwan’s No. 1 Major league player, the eternal fourth bat of the Chinese team, also known as the “Japanese killer” in international competitions. After winning the AFC Champions League this time, it was also Chen Jinfeng’s first international victory as coach, which was not easy.

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