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AFC Champions League/Taiwanese and Korean cheerleading girls merge! Japanese media revealed a wonderful scene: Choking each other Safe, Out


(Reporter Li Qing/Comprehensive Report) In the final game of the AFC Champions League preliminaries, the Taiwan team encountered a strong challenge from the South Korean team and ultimately lost to their opponent 1:6. The Taiwanese cheerleading girls were very active in supporting the players, cheering for the players with all their strength, and even took photos with the South Korean team after the game.

The Taiwan cheerleading team for this AFC Champions League is led by two captains, Xiaobai and Xunji. A total of 10 members participated in the trip to Japan. Tan Jin and Nicole from CITIC Brothers, Ruotong and Zhixuan from Lotte Peach Monkey, Shui Shui and Xiaoying from Wei Quanlong, Seqi and Yuki from Unified Lion, and Jessy and Xiu Xiuzi from Fubon Titans. Before the game against South Korea, it even attracted the attention of many Japanese media. They all captured the lively figures of the Taiwanese cheerleaders. The pictures were quite interesting.

AFC Champions League/Taiwanese and Korean cheerleading girls merge! Japanese media revealed a wonderful scene: Choking each other Safe, Out

The official mascot of the Japanese Samurai team, “Kabei”, posted a photo of the Taiwanese and Korean cheerleaders posing with “Kabei” after the game, and wrote: “Finally… a photo of friendship between Japan, South Korea and Taiwan! Thank you again You come to Japan!”

In the Taiwan team’s game, starting pitcher Wang Yancheng had difficulty controlling the ball, and his attack was also suppressed by South Korean starting pitcher Won Dui-in and the bullpen. Only “Red Cannon” Liu Jihong scored one run with a home run. In the end, they lost to the South Korean team 1:6.

In addition to the fierce duel on the court, the performance of the cheerleading teams from the two countries also attracted the attention of Japanese fans. According to the report of “THE ANSWER”, the dance and interaction between the cheerleaders of the two countries became the highlights on the sidelines. Even behind the battle for tickets to the final, there was also a big competition between the cheerleaders.

The report pointed out that the cheerleading teams of the two countries launched the most intense PK in the first half of the 6th inning. At that time, the Taiwanese team had two outs and one base man. South Korean pitcher Kim Young-gyu tried to contain the runners and asked for TV replay to assist the decision. Taiwanese fans took the lead in shouting “Safe”, and the cheerleaders also raised their hands to show the safe return gesture, while South Korea shouted “Out”. It was finally determined to be a safe return. The Taiwanese fans cheered and the cheerleaders immediately started dancing, showing their professionalism.

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