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MLB/Yankees withdraw from the battle for Big Valley all because of something they said 6 years ago

MLB/Yankees withdraw from the battle for Big Valley all because of something they said 6 years ago
MLB/Yankees withdraw from the battle for Big Valley all because of something they said 6 years ago
▲The Yankees of the Major League “Evil Empire” withdraw from the battle for Big Valley early? US media reporters are not optimistic. (Photo/AP/Dazhi Image)

[NOWnews今日新聞] The New York Yankees, the “evil empire” that has always recruited big-name players at all costs, would find it hard to imagine that they would withdraw early from the battle for Shohei Ohtani. According to “New York Post” reporter Jon Heyman, the Yankees were pessimistic about recruiting Ohtani, because when Ohtani challenged the major leagues through the admission system six years ago, he said: “It’s hard to imagine that I will play in a big city like New York.”

Based on Shohei Ohtani’s words at the time, the Yankees believed that he might not seriously consider joining a New York team. General manager Brian Cashman also said that Ohtani might prefer small market or West Coast teams. Heyman pointed out that if Cashman’s judgment is correct, the possibility of Ohtani choosing the Yankees or Mets is not high.

Another reason is that the Yankees already have Giancarlo Stanton at the designated hitter position. It is unreasonable to spend a lot of money to add another full-time designated hitter. At the same time, the Yankees’ primary goal in the off-season is to strengthen the starting lineup. and outfielder, so Ohtani doesn’t seem to fit the Yankees’ needs.

Shohei Ohtani, who has entered the free market, is open to playing in New York, but based on various factors, the possibility of the Yankees signing Ohtani is relatively low. Not only that, the Seattle Mariners, who were originally regarded as potential competitors, also turned from their original positive attitude to a negative one.

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