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Chen Junxiu used the free agent transfer fee of 10.95 million yuan | TSNA | LINE TODAY

Chen Junxiu used the free agent transfer fee of 10.95 million yuan | TSNA | LINE TODAY
Chen Junxiu used the free agent transfer fee of 10.95 million yuan | TSNA | LINE TODAY
Lotte Chan Jun-su exercised his free agency. (File photo, provided by Lotte Taoyuan)

Following CITIC Brothers pitcher Kevin Cheng, Lotte first baseman Chen Junsu also exercised his free agent rights today (20th) and became the second player in the secondary league this season. Chen Junxiu’s monthly salary this year is 730,000 yuan (the same as Zheng Kaiwen), and the team transfer fee is 10.95 million yuan in full, or half of it plus one compensated player.

Chen Junxiu just turned 35 this month. He won the second batting title of his career the year before last. He originally had the opportunity to sign a three-year contract, but he only had one year left to become a free agent. In the end, he chose to sign a one-year short-term contract with the team. Approximately, the monthly salary is 930,000 yuan. Unexpectedly, he encountered the biggest slump in his career last year, with a batting average of 2.52% and a record of home runs. This year’s monthly salary also dropped significantly. Fortunately, he recovered in the second half of the season, with a final batting average of 2.85%, 7 home runs, and 32 RBIs.

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Lotte deputy team manager Shen Yujie said that exercising free agency is the player’s right and the team will not stop it. We had an exchange of views with Chen Junxiu last week. In principle, the team hopes to renew the contract and retain players. There is no limit on one-year or multiple-year contracts. Shen Yujie also relayed the thoughts of team leader Nozomi Kawada. Chen Junxiu is an excellent senior, and the team plans to arrange for him to become a coach in the future.

Lotte has a total of 8 players eligible for free agency this year, but Lin Hongyu and Zhu Yuxian both have multi-year contracts, and next year is the last year. Shen Yujie said that the team has contacted the remaining five players, Lin Zhiping, Guo Yanwen, Yu Delong, Guo Yongwei and Huang Weisheng, and currently none of them has expressed their willingness to exercise free agency.

The Chinese Professional Baseball League announced on November 13 that a total of 23 players have obtained free agent qualifications this year. According to regulations, players must express their wishes to the team within 7 working days before signing a contract with the league before they are officially qualified as free agents. The remaining players The application will be submitted on the 22nd at the latest.

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