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More on the Difficulty, Puzzles, and Off-Path Secrets of the Callisto Protocol – The Callisto Protocol

More on the Difficulty, Puzzles, and Off-Path Secrets of the Callisto Protocol – The Callisto Protocol
More on the Difficulty, Puzzles, and Off-Path Secrets of the Callisto Protocol – The Callisto Protocol

Callisto Protocol is by far one of the hottest pre-Christmas albums to date, despite its icy nature, although last month at Gamescom Cologne we highlighted a partnership with the directorGlen SchofieldSome excerpts from the chat, but some of you have made it clear that you want more, especially in terms of difficulty, puzzles, and linearity. So, in addition to our previous exclusive insights into the Callisto Protocol’s 87 cameras and where humanity is in its horror, here are three quotes from the full interview on those fronts:

What will the player find on the main path?

I think in some ways, they’ll find out… In one case, you’ll find a shower that just makes you come back: “Oh, I’m in jail and everything is screwed up”. You’ll find the section that takes you back to the prison. You’ll also find a chapel, an old, old church. It’s really creepy, right? That’s part of the story, right? You put some of these together and say, “Okay, that’s part of the story”. You’ll find them maybe scarier, darker, wetter, meaner and stuff like that. You’ll find audio logs that say you know more about the story, or they tell you about one of the enemies, or they tell you something that happened 150 years ago. So, there are a lot of little story parts you’ll want to pick up, and of course if you’re running out of ammo, it’s a good place to go there and find some. They were well hidden, but we did quite a bit of the way through.

On the Mysteries in the Callisto Accords

They’re straight forward and a bit simpler because what I want them to do is… more intense. “Oh man, I have to do these puzzles to get through the door, but the enemy is running into me and I just can’t get out” so that’s one of the ways to slow you down, and in some ways, you have to think like this: “Man, where did I see that piece?” Or you grab a piece and you’re like “Where am I going to use this?”, right? You know you’ll find out, but, again, I like to slow down the player, I like that they have to be in all the fights, and most importantly, it adds stress and tension, which is always… .Once you make the player nervous, it’s easier to scare them.

About balance and difficulty levels

We are trying to make it difficult. You know, not as crazy hard. Of course you can put it on “easy” and it will be easier. But normal mode, we want to make it a little bit harder. It’s a survival horror where you’ve worked your way through, it’s not like running over, we don’t want that. So, we tried to make it a little bit difficult. That’s what we’re doing right now, is balancing it. That doesn’t mean you only have one bullet. I don’t believe that survival horror has to be a bullet. It could be a clip. However, you may still not be able to do it on one clip. So, it feels like at some point, what we’re trying to do is just change survival horror a little bit. And then say, “Hey, you can have some weapons, you can have some gear here, but it’s still scary, you won’t always get through”.

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