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Foreign media say Sony will launch a new PS5 console next year with a detachable disc drive

Although Sony has successively updated the PlayStation 5 console this year, they are only reducing the size, such as: CFI-1102A, CFI-1200, just from the appearance, in fact, there is no difference at all. Many players should be waiting for the arrival of PS5 Slim and PS5 Pro. Although there is no news about these two recently, some foreign media got news from insiders. Sony is planning to launch a redesigned PS5 next year. The CD-ROM will be changed to detachable.

Foreign media say Sony will launch a new PS5 console next year with a detachable disc drive

According to Insider Gaming, they got big news from big names that the PlayStation 5 will be overhauled in mid-2023, with a launch around September 2023.

This redesigned new PS5 is currently tentatively named “D chassis PlayStation 5”, and the hardware part is likely to be almost the same as the current PS5, without too many upgrades. The biggest feature is that this CD player is detachable and will be connected to the PS5 host through an external USB-C (should it be the concept of an external CD player?):


(Photo by Charles Sims on Unsplash)

The report also pointed out that this new PlayStation 5 game opportunity is offered “sold separately” or “bundled with CD player”, which I find quite strange, because according to this news, it feels like the current PlayStation 5 digital The version only has an external CD-ROM, it is not a redesign, just push a new external CD-ROM accessory? But it’s also possible that the current PlayStation 5 digital version can’t do that.

This test has been conducted by foreign YouTube before, and the results show that it is impossible to use an external CD player:

According to the launch schedule of the PlayStation 4, the PS4 was launched in 2013, and the PS4 and PS4 Pro were launched in 2016, three years apart. The PlayStation 5 will be launched in 2020, and next year 2023 will also be three years later. Indeed, the possibility of a new debut is very high.

From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, there have been rumors that the PS5 Pro will be launched in 2023~2024. The redesigned PS5 this time is likely to be the Slim version. After all, the same goal is to lose weight of the host, so you can also expect the same. Maybe a Pro version will be launched sometime later.



Having said that, I really didn’t expect PS5 to be out of stock for so long. It is still very difficult to buy a PS5 from 2021 to the present. Every time it is on the shelves, it will be instantly killed. If you haven’t started it yet, I would recommend it at this time Let it be a generation, or you will be pissed off if a new version will be released soon after you buy it.

As for the price, there is no special mention in the text. Moore’s Law Is Dead has previously revealed that the price of the PS5 Pro is expected to fall at US$600~700 (about NT$18,800~NT$22,000), which is much more expensive than the current PS5. If there is a new version next year, there should be more rumors in the follow-up, and we will keep track of the reports.



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