Rockstar Games confirms GTA6 leaked video is real, hackers also sell GTA5 source code

A few days ago, there were more than 90 suspected GTA6 films in development on a website, causing an uproar. Bloomberg asked Rockstar Games to confirm that GTA6 did leak a development film. The latest news is that the hackers also appear to be selling the GTA5 source code for $100,000.

According to foreign media reports, there are unidentified links in the GTA discussion area, and there are more than 90 suspected GTA6 movies in development (which are still available for viewing). Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier confirmed to Rockstar Games that it is indeed a film in development for GTA6.

The source of the leak may be Rockstar Games Canada Toronto studio. The video shows early testing of the system, as well as testing various 3D model fragments. Take-Two has moved to demand that major platforms such as YouTube remove the video. However, the website link will still be visible at the time of writing.

A reporter from the gaming media RockstarINTEL pointed out on Twitter that about $100,000 of bitcoin was sent to an electronic wallet, saying that the transaction was “someone paid $100,000 to buy the GTA5 source code” (the tweet has been deleted). The latest news is that hackers continue to sell GTA5 source code and GTA6 confidential documents.

(This article is reproduced with permission from Unwire HK; source of the first image: Rockstar Games)


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