Want to get a flat panel? Inventory Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, Surface Pro 9, iPad Pro, who is the most suitable productivity tool for you?

Regarding the selection of the tablet, there is already a lot of information on the electric otter official website, except for the new member who joined a while ago iPad seriesthere are five affordable android tabletHowever, regarding the tablet, since the panel technology has improved, many people have considered replacing the digital version with a tablet that supports pen pressure sensing. Therefore, the editor not only helped everyone sort out the cheap tablet that supports the stylus, but also this time. Let me help you sort out a tablet that is suitable for electronic painting but also has overall practicality for daily use~

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Let me help you review the five points of choosing a tablet first:Operating System, Requirements, Sizes, Specifications, PricesIf you want to choose a suitable electronic drawing, you must consider the performance part, and whether the product is compatible with the software you are used to. Of course, other factors such as hand feel and screen presentation are also required. There are many things to consider. I can only recommend it based on the specifications that I value, not experience or evaluation experience. You can read other reference materials before placing an order.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series

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