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“Spelled Land”, which has a dismal sales rating, has a production budget of up to 3 billion? – Computer King Ada

Although only two months have passed in 2023, players have already played many critically acclaimed key works during this period, from the sudden emergence of “Hi Fi Rush” at the beginning of the year, to the remake of the classic horror survival game “Beautiful” Dimensions of Fate: Remastered Edition, to Hogwarts Inheritance, which allows players to linger in the wizarding world described by JK Rowling. However, during this period of blockbuster releases, there are occasionally a few titles that perform poorly, even after massive publicity before release. The masterpiece at the beginning of this year is, of course, the fantasy action parkour game “Forspoken” released by Square Enix.

The story of this work tells the story of a teenage girl living in New York City who accidentally traveled to a fantasy world full of magic and gained magical powers, so she must embark on a journey to find her way home . According to the background information disclosed by members of the Luminous Productions team, a subsidiary of Square Enix, on the talent recruitment website LinkedIn, the team’s latest masterpiece recently launched on the PS5 and PC platforms has more than 100 million US dollars, which is more than 3 billion Taiwan dollars. Super high production budget.

This open-world fantasy action game has always been regarded as one of the 3A key masterpieces of Sony’s PS5 console this year. It received mixed reviews during the period, and the player’s response to this game was even more dismal. As a result, the media and player reviews of this game on the Metacritic platform only scored 64 points and 3.5/10 points respectively. It eventually led to Luminous Productions, the behind-the-scenes development team, merging directly with parent company Square Enic after the game went public.

As for the latest information related to the development cost of “Spelled Land”, it was discovered by Twitter netizen Timur22 on the LinkedIn platform and saved the screenshot. That’s quite an astonishing statistic, especially when the Square Enix team has publicly stated that sales of Charmed Land have been “disappointing.”

It seems to be expected that this work will eventually face such a result. First of all, this new IP, which is completely independent of other well-known game series under Square Enix, has been difficult to attract the expectations of too many players since it was released. , and the style of the various trailers launched after that made many players stay away, not to mention the high price of $70 on both platforms. Because of this, the game was launched with a special sale soon after its launch underwhelming performance.

An absolutely dismal result for the Luminous Productions team. Judging from the publicity of the game before its launch, the publishers and development teams behind the scenes have placed high hopes on “Spelled Land”, but the dismal performance after the final launch also left a mark on Square Enix’s huge game lineup. An indelible stain has been left. However, if you can accept the dialogue content with the humorous style of Gearbox’s treasure shooter “Borderland” series, and at the same time can tolerate the performance that needs more updates to improve and the higher price, then you may It’s still possible to have fun in Charmed Land.

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