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Ban the top Hong Kong people? Hong Kong users report not being able to use the new Bing – PCM

“PCM” recently reported that users can quickly obtain new Bing approval through VPN, and immediately use the new Bing with GPT-4 blessing. However, on Saturday, March 18, some users who completed the approval before the Reddit report could no longer use the new Bing chat function. They were either sent back to the waiting list or had to re-register on the list. It is suspected that Microsoft has blocked the “topping” in the past few days. Hong Kong users.

When users who are “kicked out” use the new Bing to ask questions on the chat page, the message “You seem to be unable to access this feature anymore, please check again in a few days.” The three AI-related new function pages of “Chat”, “Compose” and “Insights” that will be displayed under the “b” icon on the right column will change back to the “Discover” page, which only provides news summaries and prompts users how to speed up the update. Bing approval.

Both foreign media Windows Central and TechCrunch reported last week that Microsoft may have removed the waiting list, and users no longer need to wait on the waiting list to log in to the new Bing. And Hong Kong people can also use the VPN to bypass the firewall to obtain approval from foreign countries and “return to Hong Kong” to continue using the new Bing. It is unknown whether the situation in which Hong Kong people were “kicked out” of the new Bing also happened to overseas users who signed up for the new Bing since Friday.

Is there still a way to “steal chicken”?

However, the editorial department of “PCM” discovered that accounts that had been approved by New Bing in seconds and logged into the “Bing” mobile app can still chat with New Bing through the “Bing” mobile app and talk about the latest movie topics. No need to use a VPN.

In addition, the Facebook page “Great Channel – Li Jinhua” refers to a mobile phone that can bypass the firewall to the United States through VPN, and use the “Bing” mobile phone program to apply for a new US Microsoft account, and then you can continue to use the new Bing. However, it is unknown whether the “Bing” mobile app will also be blocked in the future.

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