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The long-awaited sequel to “Dragon’s Dogma” invites you to venture into this fantasy world.

Ken Mendoza Promotion Producer, Capcom

Hello PlayStation Blog readers! I’m Ken Mendoza, and I’m happy to share the latest trailer and details about Dragon’s Dogma 2 with you today.

The first generation of the “Dragon’s Dogma” series was first released in 2012. This rare action RPG is very popular due to its superb action and combat. The unique system design allows players to feel always accompanied by mysterious followers from different worlds. . “Dragon’s Dogma 2” inherits the previous work and further enhances these elements to create a more immersive fantasy adventure world for players.

The following will share more game details in a style that is very consistent with the world of “Dragon’s Dogma”, welcome to join us to find out!


The story begins in an underground prison.

In the depths of lost memory, the voice of the dragon echoed.

You will become the Awakened and take your revenge on me.

This becomes the truth of the world.

Between the human kingdom and the orc kingdom, between the motives and customs of the two countries,

A hero recalls a mission he must fulfill.

The truth that I see through my own eyes and heart is——

This is the story of slaying a dragon and ascending to the throne.


It symbolizes the existence of destroying the world. Spread its huge wings to fly freely in the sky, and the flames it spits out will burn everything down.

People are afraid of its arrival, and some people regard it as a god.


player avatar,

A person whose heart was taken away by a dragon and who bears the fate of slaying a dragon.


A traveler from another world who enthusiastically follows the Awakened.

Players will give it personality, AI will drive these characters, and fighting with them is like a multiplayer game.

An immersive fantasy world created through upgrading the latest graphics, AI artificial intelligence and physical technology.

Swords, bows and magic, different professions are endowed with different abilities.

Beast-like orcs appear for the first time in this series.

Many of the monsters you encounter come from legends, and there are new ones waiting to be encountered in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

This is the story of slaying a dragon and ascending to the throne.

Please continue to pay attention to more information about “Dragon’s Dogma 2”!

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