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The 20th anniversary of “Monster Hunter” reveals the slim visuals of hunters VS monsters, 229 “Monster General Election” compete for the popularity king | 4Gamers


In order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of “Monster Hunter”, Capcom released the “Hunter” version of the visual in September and released the “Monster” version of the visual today (21st). The confrontation between the two sides is majestic and synchronized. The “Monster General Election” is held, and 229 monsters compete for the most popular monster of all time.

“Monster Hunter” will celebrate 20 years since the release of the first generation in March 2024. At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, commemorative plans were announced one after another. Now that the complete main visual has been put together, a voting event will be held from now until December 20. Players and fans You can go to the special website to log in with your CAPCOM ID, one account, one vote, and choose your favorite monster (the vote cannot be changed).

Capcom pointed out that everyone who participates in the general election of monsters will receive a special tablecloth containing “all monsters” candidates. After the voting results are announced, the development team will also create original illustrations for the top three models.

It is worth noting that the original monsters of “Monster Hunter Frontier Z” will not appear on the candidate list of this “Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Monster General Election”. It was already held once in 2018, when the multi-shell crab (タイクンザムザ) Emperor Ice Dragon (Tianlang’s fan) Kelong (UNKNOWN) took the top three. For detailed results, please refer to the official website.

The 20th anniversary commemoration of the main visual of “Monster Hunter” will also launch two framed paintings, “Hunter Edition” and “Monster Edition”, 50.9 cm long and 39.4 cm wide, with an official serial number on the black matte base that sets off the painting, priced at 29,700 yen (Tax included), scheduled to be released on March 12, 2024. Details can be found on the official e-commerce website “E-Capcom”.



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