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USD/Taiwan broke through 31.5 yuan!The villagers shouted “send points” when they saw the 1st signal: more money than playing Taiwan stocks – FTV News

Financial Center/Reported by Lin Mengrong

The U.S. Federal Reserve (FED) announced its monetary policy meeting yesterday (22), and decided to raise interest rates by 3 yards, a total of 12 yards of interest rate hikes this year. In this regard, some netizens posted a PO on the Internet, saying that there is no end to the Fed’s interest rate hike, and the US dollar against Taiwan dollar has broken through 31.5 yuan. He also predicted that the US dollar will continue to appreciate, and confidently shouted that “stocks are playing up and down 10% a day. This kind of fluctuation is 1% a week, there is no reason to be afraid.”

Netizens analyzed the impact of U.S. interest rate hikes and shouted to buy more U.S. dollars. (Picture / Retrieved from PTT)

A netizen posted an article in “PTT”. He wrote that he only published an article last week that the US dollar broke through 31 yuan. As a result, the US dollar exchange rate reached 31.5 yuan on the 22nd. The original PO also announced that this was officially joining the ranks of the US dollar army. Good time, “As long as the U.S. Fed rate hike has not come to an end, the American Dad currency family will always welcome everyone, with a proper interest rate differential and a proper exchange rate differential.” The original PO further emphasized that there is no reason to be afraid of the fluctuation of the stock market as high as 10% in one day, and the fluctuation of the US dollar is 1% in a week. He also said, “There are still exchanges in the foreign exchange market. The main reason is that Taiwan’s exports are still strong, and foreign capital is remitted to domestic capital. Next year’s GDP will not be guaranteed. very intense.”

Dcard netizens also shouted that buying US dollars is a bonus question. (Schematic diagram / FTV news file photo)

In addition, some netizens posted an article on “Dcard” with the title “Isn’t it a question of bonus points for buying dollars this year?”, the article mentioned, “It is known that the United States intends to continue raising interest rates to 4% to 4.5%, and it is known that Taiwan will only increase interest rates this year. Number 2, the central bank also said that it may not continue to rise at the end of the year ~ the interest rate difference does exist, and it is getting bigger and bigger, so why not buy US dollars?”, the original PO also recommended that everyone buy US dollars quickly, “Short and medium-term storage, at least your The money stops depreciating, and the interest and the exchange rate difference are more profitable.”

As soon as the relevant article came out, many netizens were also optimistic about the follow-up trend of the US dollar. “At least 35.70% for US dollars, and the fixed deposit is at least 3% for one year. Why do I still buy stocks”, “Target 35, see 40″, ” U.S. dollars really give points, I dare not buy it because I don’t understand the general economy”, “29, 30, and 31 are all exchanged, currently 4,500 magnesium, and 7,000 dollars in savings insurance, hedging and avoiding risks”, “Central Bank It never disappoints, I really want to spend all Taiwan dollars in Europe, India and US dollars”, “I made about 10% just by exchanging foreign currency”, “I feel a little late to buy at 29, and I feel stable after reading half a size.”

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