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Invited French think tank to talk about Taiwan Hailuo’s political power: China’s threat is urgent and real | Politics | Central News Agency CNA

Invited French think tank to talk about Taiwan Hailuo’s political power: China’s threat is urgent and real | Politics | Central News Agency CNA
Invited French think tank to talk about Taiwan Hailuo’s political power: China’s threat is urgent and real | Politics | Central News Agency CNA

(Central News Agency, Taipei, 23rd) The well-known French think tank “Institute of International Relations” held a seminar on the 22nd, inviting Legislator Luo Zhizheng and CEO of the National Policy Institute Guo Yuren to analyze the situation, and invited representative to France Wu Zhizhong to deliver a speech. Luo Zhizheng said that China has unilaterally changed the status quo, and Taiwan needs more support.

The French think tank “International Relations Research Institute” (IFRI) held an all-weather seminar on physical and video content yesterday. Taiwan was one of the focus points. Luo Zhizheng, legislator of the DPP, and Guo Yuren, executive director of the National Policy Institute, were invited to attend the discussion.

During the conference, scholars from all over the world, including France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, India, and Indonesia, gathered together to study and analyze issues such as the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war on the situation in the Taiwan Strait. About 200 people listened at the same time.

Luo Zhizheng pointed out that there is no winner in the war, and the Russian-Ukrainian war has proved that it is impossible to start a war. Lessons should be learned to avoid conflicts in the Taiwan Strait or the Indo-Pacific region. Conflicts across the Taiwan Strait are likely to break out, because “if China is overconfident and believes that it can take Taiwan lightly, or if there is a serious crisis within China looking for a scapegoat, or if misjudgment, misunderstanding or misinformation occurs, it may lead to a conflict in the Taiwan Strait.”

Luo Zhizheng said that China conducted military exercises and launched missiles around Taiwan in early August, threatening Taiwan with various gray areas. China has unilaterally changed the status quo of the Taiwan Strait. The threat to Taiwan is real and urgent, and calls on all countries to give Taiwan stronger support.

Guo Yuren analyzed the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war on Asia and the world order. He pointed out that, like Ukraine, Taiwan is a democratic country threatened by neighboring authoritarian regimes, and said that the main axis of Taiwan’s foreign policy emphasizes the sovereign state, security, and the participation of the international community, and is committed to national self-determination. The three major characteristics of Taiwan in the world are democracy, science and technology, and geo-strategic importance.

Representative to France Wu Zhizhong was invited to give a speech at the opening ceremony of the seminar. He said that all countries are facing complex and difficult public health and geopolitical crises. Taiwan’s outstanding performance has proved to the world that democracy is better than authoritarianism.

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Wu Zhizhong told the participants that China is trying to undermine Taiwan’s democratic system, advancing step by step in the Taiwan Strait, and conducting military threats, economic coercion, cyber attacks, and disinformation and other malicious acts against Taiwan. The pretext of attacking the Taiwan Strait also showed firm determination to defend itself, calling on all countries to jointly prevent the expansion of authoritarianism.

In addition, Hervé Delphin, a senior EU official in charge of policy planning and strategy, reiterated the EU’s support for maintaining the status quo in the Taiwan Strait, stressing that Taiwan’s political, strategic and economic importance cannot be ignored, and the EU will do everything possible It is possible to avoid continued escalation of regional tensions and oppose the use of force to change the status quo across the Taiwan Strait. (Editor: Zhou Yongjie) 1110923

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