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[News Talk]Chinese escaped from Cambodia’s fraud nest, but the trouble is endless (2) | Fraud group | Drugs | Cambodia

[Epoch Times, September 23, 2022]Hello everyone, welcome to the “News Talk” on Friday (September 23), I am Fuyao (host).

Today’s focus: Revelation: Be careful with these details, the scam group is eyeing you! Trapped in a dark nest, he was found in seconds when he called out for help, and he was “treated” like this; he finally escaped in a thrilling way, but another trap was set…

“When I was at the foot of the mountain, I saw many men (wearing) all black, many male guards all black, all (wearing) black long sleeves and trousers, some with long guns, some with (holding) Police baton. The entire park has a population of about 7,000.

“They trick people in the first place, and they lure you into being a customer service with a high salary. They also have their own ‘training’ program for new scammers. Use drugs to control you and you will Addictive. Once you’re addicted, use those things to force you to work.

“In addition to drugs, it is by creating some fear. For example, if your KPIs (performance indicators) are not up to standard, you will be dealt with with electric prods, and you will be hit with electric prods like this.”

Continuing from the above:[News Talk]The victim broke the news: Insider of the Cambodian fraud group (1)

In the previous program, Mr. Chen Wanqing, the victim of Cambodian fraud group, disclosed to us the inside story of the black-box operation in the Victory Group Park where he was once detained. In this episode, we asked him to talk about his experience of being victimized and what happened after he successfully rescued himself.

[Do not work electric bat “serving” “We are the cash flow of the fraud group”]

Fuyao: Mr. Chen Wanqing, please continue to talk about what kind of specific fraud work you were forced to do?

Chen Wanqing: First, I was responsible for transferring money; second, I participated in their love scams and work scams; third, it was the virtual currency scam. Then we usually put our advertisements on Facebook (Facebook), Instagram, or find people in it, looking for our “prey”.

We have two types of people to look for, one is to deceive them to come here to work; the other is to deceive them, that is, to defraud them of their money. We also have an online casino (a gambling site), trick them into gambling, and then we can control the platform behind.

That virtual currency, we play later, seems to fluctuate up and down like a stock, we can adjust it. Who is tuning these? All the people from the Victory Group are tuning. They have this technology. As for love scams, job scams, or other scams, there is a “script”, and there is that “script” to refer to.

Then my job is basically to have 8 fake accounts. Among these 8 fake accounts, I communicate with them (targets), and occasionally there will be more accounts for me to switch.

Fuyao: So the scale of this fraud group is quite large, and its operation is very systematic.

Chen Wanqing: In fact, we use empathy and try our best to follow up with him (target) every day in a psychological way, and then we pass (skip) some things that don’t work, and pass like this. We have a lot of lists, and we can look at them one by one. We know what industry this person is in, where he is from, his family background, whether he has a car, whether he has a house, whether he has regular bank deposits, or something. It is clearly written in (data) inside.

So if you dig deeper, it may be another case, that is, someone in the bank leaked these secrets to their (Victory Group) people, and then sold them to us (small companies in the park).

Fuyao: Well, yes. You said that one of your tasks is to transfer money. You were held there for three weeks, how much money came out of your hands during that time?

Chen Wanqing: I have handled 800,000 as far as I remember. The highest record was 800,000 US dollars. The highest record was handled by me.

Fuyao: One-time?

Chen Wanqing: It was transferred out at one time. I’m sorry, the 800,000 dollars didn’t pass through the victim, I didn’t go directly to the victim (cheat), it was another team member who cheated the money, and then he put the money into that account, because the first item of my “job” is I need to transfer the money, and then the fraudulent money is in that account. I want to transfer the money from that account safely and go to Cambodia. Otherwise, I am worried that the money in Malaysia or Singapore will be frozen. So I have to transfer this money quickly… The highest record I transferred was 800,000 USD (US dollars).

As for you asking me, have I ever deceived anyone, and whether I have successfully deceived anyone, my answer is no, I have not deceived anyone. I was in it for three weeks, and I didn’t deceive any victims, so the victims who directly sent me money through my hands were not.

My job is, firstly, to transfer money, and secondly, I have to use the “script” they gave me to find those “prey”, and then through love websites, social media, all kinds of to learn about them Happening.

Fuyao: As far as you know, at that time, people would be deceived every day?

Chen Wanqing: Every day, every day, and the number is staggering.

If you think about it (the park), there are at least 70 companies and thousands of people working in it. If they fail to meet KPIs (performance indicators), eating will become a problem, and there will be corporal punishment. If you don’t do well, you may be punished for sit-up (sit-ups) and then told you to run. There are many people who use electric prods to serve people. I often see their supervisors use electric prods to “serve” people. There is also the closing of the room (little black room), the same as me, or selling it to others.

In their eyes, we are all his banknotes, we are all his cash and cash flow, and we must be drained until the last moment. Otherwise, they won’t let us go.

[Send a mobile phone message to ask for help and was found immediately]

Fuyao: Well, what did you do when you found yourself in a fraud group and faced personal danger if you didn’t follow their instructions to defraud people online?

Chen Wanqing: So I told me that I only have two things to do right now: First, I have to know who you (fraud gang) are, where I am locked up, and what this company does Things, I also want to know all, the more the better.

Second, I have to collect evidence, I have to take your video, and then I take whatever I see every day, your photos, and even some evidence of your work. Then I did it all, and stored all relevant important things in this Google Google Drive (cloud disk), and WeChat Drive, that is, WeChat, they have a cloud disk, and I keep them in it.

(Going in) After a few days, I just wanted to say, I have to ask people outside to support this thing. I think about my family because I don’t trust the local police. Actually I can choose to call the police, I can find the police number to call him, but I don’t trust them.

Fuyao: Why?

Chen Wanqing: Because of the few days I was there, I saw that there were actually every day, basically every day on average, I saw a police car, and the police car entered the park. But the police car entered the park and was placed next to the commercial vehicle they used to carry the victim. Then I saw those police officers, I didn’t feel like a police officer, a police officer without a police uniform, just joking and laughing while smoking, joking and laughing. I knew that these policemen were not policemen at all, they were actually their people. I know it’s useless to call the police, you’ll know from them when you call the police.

Besides, if it is reported to the consulate, it will not work, because I don’t know who is answering the phone at the consulate, who is answering my call, maybe the operator who is answering the phone is their person. You haven’t reached the top of the consulate or their PIC (person in charge, person in charge), you have been filtered by the following, and they have informed the park that you should report the case to the consulate.

So I was only able to call my family, and my wife answered the phone. My wife and I met in China. She is an overseas Chinese from Indonesia. We have known each other for 7 years, and then we also met in the factory. She is an accountant and I am a production manager. That’s how we met. She is an overseas Chinese, and her Chinese is not very good, so we generally speak English a lot. I told her that my current situation is like that in Cambodia.

She thought I was joking, she thought I was joking, she didn’t believe what I said, she didn’t believe it.

Then after she turned off the phone, she said that she was tired and was going to sleep, so go to sleep. Later, I sent some things to her, photos, the situation on my side, and typed it to her to let her know what my current situation is. But it was already too late, I remembered it was 12 o’clock in the evening, more than 12 o’clock in the middle of the night.

After I finished texting, it should have been like this within half an hour. I was half asleep and half awake when the door suddenly opened, and many people came in with flashlights, and seven or eight people came in. At that time, I was thinking about it, did you come to see me? Then they pulled me out of bed and pinned me to the ground.

I was well prepared before, all three of my phones were placed in different places, before I went to bed. They can find it. First of all, one of them… Later I knew who they were, and they had some clues left on social networking sites that could be touched. If he left any clues, let me touch them, I know who they are, they are all Mainly Malaysian.

Then they pressed me to the ground and showed us something like an iPad, (saying) Are you sending a message to Malaysia, and a message to China? I said: No. He just said: Did you send this information? They told me very loudly, and there was a guy with a baton and an electric baton waiting for me beside me.

Fuyao: My God.

[All personal information was extorted away and locked in a black room to take indecent photos]

Chen Wanqing: At this time, another Malaysian, he was around my bed, and he searched. Because we are in a quadruple room, there is a clothes hanger outside. After we wash our clothes, we will put them there to dry. I also had a cell phone outside and they found it too. They took the phone back and looked at it, and then forced me to reveal the password. At that time, I didn’t say it, and they came up directly: You don’t say it, don’t you say it? in this way.

Afterwards, I was held on the ground and held again. At that time, three people held me, all men, and took me to another interrogation room. Because before I was put in that little dark room, they took me to another place for trial, just like the police interrogating the prisoner. I am a “prisoner” and they are a “policeman”.

Then he took me over there to interrogate me, holding that lamp, just like you watch Hong Kong TV dramas, holding a table lamp to shine on you. The spotlight looked at me and asked, one by one.

At that time my feet were tied, my feet were tied with ropes, I don’t know why I was tied, there were so many people, are you afraid of me running away? How can I run, you have weapons on your side, how can I run?

And then forced me to say password everything. What can I do? The truth is, tell them all the passwords, and (they) change all the passwords for the social media sites in me. They log into my mailbox to see my stuff, all my stuff is gone, it’s all for people to read.

Then I sent my wife the message and they all saw it. They have seen all the information records and posted anything, and they know everything.

Then my website, because we generally have the habit of storing in cloud disks. My information, marriage certificate, various registration documents, and photos from when I was a child are all in it, and they are all clearly read.

I have worked in mainland China for 15 years, and I have paid taxes for more than ten years. I don’t understand why the police wouldn’t help me. I’ve been a taxpayer for more than ten years, and I make a little contribution to the mainland side. I also deduct my wages and pay taxes to you every month. Then the bank account where my account was hacked was also owned by Bank of China, not a foreign bank, it was Bank of China. Then the thief is 001, your most wanted man.

So I don’t understand why China is reluctant to help, at least even if one or two people are sent to take charge and understand my situation and understand what happened to me, at least understand. No, not even understanding, let alone filing a case.

Then, I was interrogated on the side where I was being interrogated, and after that, he directly locked me in that small dark room. That little dark room is really dark, so dark that it’s even darker than that black dress, you can’t see it at all, it’s not a joke.

Before I got to that small room, before the door was opened, I smelled a very stinky smell. It was closed before. The smell inside is very pungent and fishy, ​​a bit like the smell of ammonia, the smell of horse urine, and the smell of rotting corpses.

Fuyao: My God. What was your state at the time?

Chen Wanqing: At that time, I was imprisoned, and I was completely dizzy. I passed out. To be honest, it was very difficult for me to breathe when I was locked in, and the whole person passed out. Then the next time I heard someone wake me up, they threw in the rice for me to eat. I saw rice inside, and then there was water on it. I don’t know what the water came from, maybe it was soup or something. I can’t eat it either.

Then I continued to fall asleep again, and when I woke up again, the second meal was thrown, and the same white rice was thrown in.

When I told the Malaysian police about these things and experiences, they were laughing and they thought I was joking. He said: very funny, your story (very funny, sorry). He was joking, and he listened to me while eating the fries, the McDonald’s fries, and the fries with dipping sauce, and the fries with dipping sauce. When I was an actor, I told stories like this.

So you can imagine how helpless and helpless I am that no one can help me like this.

Fuyao: Well, yes.

Chen Wanqing: Then I was locked inside for two working days, two days, and then released.

After that, he took me to another place and used that big water pipe to flush my whole body with water, and let me change my clothes after flushing. After changing clothes, they told me to undress, and then took nude photos and nude videos. I’m not very good-looking, why are you making nude videos of me? Then I filmed my whole body naked, even if I didn’t even have that kind of underwear, I filmed my whole body.

Also asked me to do some crazy stuff, follow their “script” and have to do it like this. Later, I learned that all those videos were shot for verification purposes. If someone came to them, they would have videos to verify, saying that I was voluntary, and no one forced me to do these things.

Afterwards, they warned me that the videos they filmed were all about holding luggage, going up and down the slope, and then you (saying) “Hi”, “Hello”, hugging each other, a weird kind of video. Afterwards, they warned me: this is your last time, there is no next time, if you find something from your collection company to us, or have anything to hide, we will not let you continue to stay here.

That is to say, he will sell me elsewhere, and it is even more impossible to come back, so I can only be honest. But all this time I have been thinking, I still have to run, I still have to walk, but how do I go? I was just at a loss, waiting there.

Later, Chen Wanqing met a kind person who showed him a way and helped him escape from the park. For the protection of the parties, this part of the content cannot be made public at present.

Chen Wanqing said that the process of escaping was very tense and thrilling, just like the plot of a Hollywood movie.

[Escaped but fell to the bottom, the victim becomes the defendant]

Fuyao: Mr. Chen, after you escaped, did you return directly to Malaysia? Have you returned to normal life?

Chen Wanqing: One of the (helping) people suggested that I go to the consulate, and then he stopped me from going to the consulate, he said, you are in Cambodia now, you are still not safe, can you guarantee your safety when you go to the consulate? No, don’t be too naive. He said that you must go back to Malaysia immediately. If you stay in the consulate for a few more days, it will be a safety factor for you, so you must go back immediately.

Then he also lent me his phone and I called my wife. It’s a pity that the amount of information my wife gave me made it difficult for me to accept it, and it was difficult for me to accept it.

First, she took a long time to answer the phone. She answered the phone and told me that she asked me why I was sending all her personal things to a third party. This was the first question she asked me.

Then the second question, she said, I’m really afraid, I’m afraid to continue talking with you again, don’t you ask me again in the future? Then turned off the phone. Then it’s gone. My wife of 7 years just disappeared like this, really gone.

I myself have a child, he is only in elementary school, he is still young, he is a boy, he is still young. He was also very sad. He called his mother and said: Why did my mother leave me? Why did my mother abandon us? Is she from my mother? My child is crying and I am crying, what can I do?

There was only one guess in my mind, that someone who called her was someone from Cambodia.

In fact, I still have a hard time accepting this fact. Several months have passed, and I came back here on May 28th and 29th. It’s already September, and I still can’t accept this fact. I feel like I’m having a dream, I hope my dream wakes up soon and someone slaps me again to wake me up. But no, it really happened.

I also went through various ways…I asked the police for help, but the police didn’t help anything, and they couldn’t help anything, and I also reported three cases.

The other party (the scam group) also sued me because I put everything on social media, Facebook.

Later, I also received this letter of indictment, that is, the other party sued me and must immediately take down all my things, including the withdrawal of my police report, including the need to hold a press conference, publicly apologize with the reporter, and then say that everything is my lie. And then (saying) I wasn’t being forced. This is what they said and they asked me to do it.

I don’t have the money to hire a lawyer, and now all my money is frozen. You know, I have been in China (working) for more than ten years, and most of my money, basically all my money, is in China. I don’t know if I have done it in vain. If I have done it in vain for more than ten years, it means that I have not done it.

At present, I can be sure that all the money in my WeChat has been transferred by them, because I searched and couldn’t find my account. Maybe they have deleted my account, and then there are all kinds of money stored in them. information, documents, videos.

You also know that our WeChat wallet is bound with a Chinese card, and several Chinese cards are bound, and they are like this: here, put money into the WeChat wallet, and then as soon as you enter the wallet, my The money is transferred out, just like this, it keeps repeating and repeating. From the bank card to the WeChat wallet, the wallet is transferred to their account, and this is repeated all the time.

Because they have my phone card number, they can do whatever they like, what can I do? They also have my ID, they want to change my password, and then tell the WeChat customer service that they are me, but I am a fake, and I am a scammer.

The funds I can use now are in China, but they are all locked up. Then I can’t get in when I log in to my bank account in Malaysia, because all the passwords have been (was) changed, I can’t see it at all, I can’t see anything.

I now hope that someone can intervene in my case and help me. Because it is true that the other party is also prosecuting me, and I have no choice. Then the police did not do anything, the government did not do anything, and the information given by the government was wrong.

I searched for a piece of news a few days ago, it was said by a foreign minister of Malaysia, and he spoke Malay. He said that there are currently more than 100 Malaysians trapped in Cambodia, he said. I’m saying, did you really check it out? In the park where I was trapped, there were at least 700 people from Singapore and Malaysia, probably close to 100 people in Singapore, and the remaining hundreds of people were all Malaysians.

I did my homework during this time and I also found a lot of Malaysians working for the group. Their information, their profiles can all be found in LinkedIn. If you want, I can transfer it to you, even the person who found my phone and pressed me to the ground.

I remember very clearly what their faces looked like, so I looked for them, and I followed the vines to find them slowly. These things are supposed to be done by the police, but I have become an investigator instead. I went to find who they were, I found them, and I found all their information.

So now in this technology, as long as you leave some clues on the Internet, anyone can find you. This is the era of big data. And then I find them in there and find out who they are. I’ve been looking for it over there, I’ve been looking for it, I’ve been looking for it in various ways. I didn’t give up and kept looking, because I had no other channels but to find it through my own efforts and then provide it to reporters.

In fact, basically every day and every week in Malaysia, there will be news reports about scams similar to Cambodia, but the problem is that people just talk about it, and no one follows up or pays attention to it. So I’m in a lot of pain right now, that’s all I can do.

Fuyao: Well, it was really a fraud that brought a lot of changes. We hope that the relevant government departments can hear your voice, attach importance to this case, and of course attach importance to the help messages sent by all victims of the fraud group.


Fuyao: Mr. Chen, you are one of the targets of the fraud gang, and you were tricked into helping them work. There is another category that you mentioned just now, who are targeted to defraud them of money. There are indeed a lot of scams on the phone and the Internet. So after you have come into contact with a whole set of scams by scam groups, do you have any reminders for you on how to avoid being scammed?

Chen Wanqing: There are a few points to pay attention to. The first point is that if a stranger suddenly comes to ask you or add you (friend), he uses a handsome photo of himself, or a very beautiful photo, a beautiful photo, basically you can directly classify it In order to deceive, you can ignore him, don’t even look at him, you don’t have to pay attention to him at all, you don’t have to imagine, don’t even think about it. Because this is obviously a scam group looking for you.

In other words, you must not believe what you see on social media, or you receive some emails, he says there are many, many good benefits. Or what you read on social media, those countries are mentioned: Cambodia, Laos (Laos), Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, these countries are basically dens of crime. I’m not saying that the state discriminates against anything. Indeed, these things only breed under the circumstances of lax control and corruption in these countries.

Therefore, any so-called opportunity, any so-called development space, no matter what position it is, no matter what kind of company it is, it is all a lie, so don’t go. Even if it says that it is a listed company, it still has a parent company in Taiwan and Singapore, and then opens branches in these countries, asking you to help expand the business there, which is hard to believe.

Because the reason why this thing is still happening, they have people, they have agents (agents) in the local country. It seems that they have an agent in Malaysia, so they have been deceiving Malaysians and Singaporeans to go to work. I was one of the victims because they had their people, the coordinators, and I knew it.

If the government wants to fight, it will not start from these countries, but from its own country. Even in China, there are their operators and their counterparts, which is how Cambodian people deceive the Chinese.

And now they also have a tactic, which is to trick the whole group into going over. For example, if he wants to host a similar show, maybe your company is engaged in culture and filming with others… It’s a bit like a drama crew filming, he invites your entire team to come over, even your “001” to your end , all a bunch of people trap you like this. They have it this way.

Anyway, everything is fake, as long as they get you to the Cambodia airport, you will be finished, you will become their possession.


Fuyao: Well, yes. Therefore, the viewers of our show should also be careful of these scams in their daily lives. Mr. Chen, you mentioned earlier that the target groups of fraudsters are Chinese, people from Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, are there others?

Chen Wanqing: Now even Japan and South Korea have been deceived one after another, so their vigilance has begun to exist.

We talked about this issue before. At that time, I was in this park not long ago. They meant to transfer this thing to Europe and the United States, because after all, no one has touched this “cake” in Europe and America. It is a piece of A huge cake, and it’s already waiting to be harvested.

Because in Southeast Asia, everything that should be harvested has already been harvested, and those who have not harvested have a certain degree of alertness. It is difficult for you to harvest them. But if you want to harvest those people in Europe and the United States, it is relatively easy, because they are still “non-polluting” and have not been polluted, so you can harvest there faster and more “with half the effort”. .

As for victims, (being) tricked into the past to do business with them, there are also fraudulent jobs. That is to say, now they are also focusing on finding people from Europe and the United States, and they used to be scammers with him there.

Now they are in Dubai. From Cambodia and Myanmar, they moved to Dubai, and they will start to have new dens there. It is very likely that the next site, they will also go to Europe to open a new park.

Fuyao: Should European and American countries crack down on large-scale kidnappings and defrauding dens?

Chen Wanqing: That’s right, so maybe they will do it in another way. It’s not like renting a piece of land with you and then enclosing your land. It’s not like this, it may be in another way. You and I don’t know this, but their plan, the next target is Europe and the United States.

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