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It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the keel!spinal cord involved in systemic nervous system

Our central nervous system includes the brain and spinal cord. The spinal cord is composed of nerve cells, which are connected to the lower part of the brain. The spinal cord is divided into different nerve channels that connect different parts of the body. Touch the back, is there a segment of the spine? A channel is formed in the vertebra, which protects the spinal nerves, allowing the spinal cord to go all the way down to about the waist, and further down are some nerve roots.

You can say that the spinal cord is a highway that transmits information. The various sensations that our body and limbs receive, such as touch, heat and cold, pain, etc., are transmitted to the brain through different routes of the spinal cord. The brain decides to initiate certain actions, such as picking up a bowl in the left hand and holding chopsticks in the right, and also has to send messages through the spinal cord to place the muscles in various places.

Although the spinal cord is protected by the “keel” of our spine, under a violent impact, the spinal nerves wrapped in the spine may be swollen, bruised, injured due to shock, and the vertebral bones and intervertebral discs may be ruptured. Stabs the spinal nerve. Once the spinal nerve is injured, the consequences are usually very serious. Think about it, the highway that mainly transmits information is interrupted, and many places will stop!

Young male spinal cord vulnerable?Most common traffic accidents and occupational injuries

Up to half of spinal cord injuries occur in young adults, mostly men. Among the causes of acute spinal cord injury,Injuries from traffic accidentsIt is the most common. Whether it is a pedestrian being hit by a car or a motorcycle crashing into the road, it is the most common sight in the emergency room.The second most common reason isfall from heightDuring the project, he fell to the ground unprepared. For example, the Iron Man’s friend “War Machine” in the Marvel Universe suffered severe spinal cord damage after falling from a height, resulting in hemiplegia.

Some spinal cord injuries come fromsports injurylike wanting to playdivingHowever, the water in the swimming pool is not deep enough, and it will hit the floor at the bottom of the swimming pool with one jump. Playing on a bouncing bed is also dangerous, especially when it is accidentally knocked down by the secondary shock caused by other people’s bouncing, it is often unprepared and easy to be injured. In other high-impact sports such as football, rugby, and basketball, if players collide and fall to the floor, they may also cause spinal cord injury accidents. Accidental fights, clubbing, stab wounds and gunshot wounds can also cause spinal cord injuries.

In addition to sudden accidents, chronic diseases can also cause spinal cord injuries

The above are all accidents. Some people may think that they will not encounter accidents if they are careful, but in fact, some patients may also encounter spinal cord injuries due to degenerative arthritis, intervertebral disc degeneration, cancer, infection and other problems. .

What happens after a spinal cord injury?then seeThe “where” of the spinal cord injury, and the “severity” of the spinal cord injury.

The higher the spinal cord injury is (closer to the cervical spine), the more severe the symptoms. Think about it, the nerves in the neck where the injury is located are like a highway that is broken as soon as it leaves the capital. Commands representing the brain can only be transmitted down to the neck, and there is no way to control the lower ones. Feelings around the hands, feet, torso, etc. want to be transmitted back, but they can only reach the neck and can’t get to the brain. Therefore, if the injury is in the cervical spine, the patient may lose the ability to control the muscles of the hands and feet, and become quadriplegic. Not only that, but the muscles of the chest cannot move and require a respirator. If the injury is in the lumbar spine, it can affect the movement of the feet, feel, and affect the control of the gastrointestinal tract and bladder.

What should I do if I am injured?Identify injuries, treat and rehabilitate

We usually say “quadriplegia“(Tetraplegia), which means that the arms, trunk, and feet are immobile, and injuries to the cervical spine may lead to quadriplegia. As for lumbar spine injuries,half paralyzed” (Paraplegia), representing the lower body, immobilized from under the torso, pelvis, and legs. Such a half body refers to the “lower body”, which is different from the limb weakness after a stroke, which refers to the “left half” or “right half” of the body.

The severity of spinal cord injury can be initially divided into “complete injury” and “incomplete injury”. A complete injury represents a loss of sensory and motor control below this location. Incomplete injuries can be divided into many different types, some are damage to the left or right half of the spinal cord, some are both anterior and bilateral, some are central, and when not completely damaged, the patient may have partial sensation, or movement. control.

Depending on the location of the spinal cord injury and the degree of injury, patients will have different degrees of symptoms. But on the whole, after this path of controlling sensation and movement goes wrong, the patient may have muscle weakness, unable to freely control the movements of hands, feet, and body; not feel cold, hot, touch; always feel like being pricked by acupuncture pain; inability to control bowel movements; muscle spasms and abnormal reflexes.

it is a pity that,Once the spinal cord is injured and bruised, there is really no good way to reverse the injury. With the current medical technology, it is still unable to bring about comprehensive “nerve regeneration”. If a spinal cord injury is diagnosed after arriving at the hospital, the doctor will inject steroid into the patient to reduce the inflammation and swelling of the spinal nerves as appropriate; consider using surgery to stabilize the ruptured or broken bone, or remove part of the intervertebral disc to reduce the pressure on the spinal cord caused by the herniated intervertebral disc. . And decide whether to use respiratory support equipment to assist breathing. Overall, the patient is likely to experience a long hospitalization and rehabilitation process. Remember, a spinal cord injury accident can happen to anyone, and it can bring gloom and haze to anyone’s life.

Prevention is better than cure, how to avoid spinal injuries?

Pay attention to driving safety, especially drinking and not driving, driving without drinking, drunk driving has caused a lot of life damage, please don’t do this kind of thing that doesn’t care for yourself or the lives of others.When riding in a car, everyone in the car must use a seat belt, and children and young children must be seatedSafety seatsInside. Children under the age of 12 should not sit in the front seat, or they will be seriously injured if the airbags are deployed.

These may be things that everyone knows, not news. In daily life, you may feel that there are many “buts” that you cannot do. If you often think by chance: “The car is driving and the child is crying, I will hold the child!” will follow.

Spinal cord injuries also often come from sports, so various protective measures should be taken during exercise, and those who should wear protective gear should remember to wear them. If you want to dive, the depth of the pool must be more than 3.7 meters.Don’t dive when you’re not sure how deep the water is.don’t play with the bouncing bedespecially the kind of game field where one plane connects multiple bouncing beds, the bouncing of others will cause a lot of secondary shock damage, which is very dangerous.

If there is spinal cord injury, remember not to shake the injured person at will!

In the event of an unfortunate accident, if you have the following symptoms when you are injured, you must be alert to “spinal cord injury” and do not move:

  • sudden back pain
  • Feeling weak or unable to move in any part of the body
  • Numbness and tingling in the hands, feet, fingers, etc.
  • incontinence
  • shortness of breath

The thing to note here is that ifIf you find that a child or a relative or friend is injured in a car accident or impact, you must first think of “spinal cord injury”. Please don’t pick up the child and shake it around.thinktry shaking him! This is very bad. If the person in front of him loses consciousness because of the severe injury after the impact, it may be caused by intracranial hemorrhage or heavy bleeding. This is not to wake up after shaking, but shaking the patient will cause more serious The more severe the local hemorrhage, swelling, and inflammation of the spinal cord injury, the more difficult it will be for the patient to recover later.

Around the neck and head of the patient until the ambulance arrivesCover your head with clothing or a thick towel to minimize head and neck movements, have the patient lie down. Fixing is important! Fixing is important! Fixing is important! Then remember to apply pressure to the area with obvious bleeding to stop the bleeding.

When the ambulance personnel arrive at the scene, they will let the patient lie on a long backboard, and use a combined fixing block, collar, etc. to fix the patient’s head and cervical spine. The purpose is to reduce the deterioration of the spinal cord injury. So remember! Never shake the patient!Even if you think that the patient was not hit by a car accident, but fainted or lost consciousness due to epilepsy, the patient may be injured in the head and neck by hitting the objects around him or hitting the ground at the moment of falling down. Shake the patient.

Be sure to remember that in case of injury, you must be alert to the possibility of spinal cord injury! To reduce the shaking and moving the patient, can reduce the injury.

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