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Emirates invests more than $350 million to upgrade A350 fleet’s inflight entertainment system

[Reported by Wei Media reporter Su Songtao]

In order to continuously improve the excellent experience of passengers flying, Emirates announced that it will invest more than 350 million US dollars (about 10.9 billion Taiwan dollars) to add 50 new A350s to the fleet in 2024, and install the new Thales AVANT Up in-flight entertainment system for passengers. Deliver unforgettable theatre effects and a personalised experience.

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Emirates invests more than $350 million to upgrade A350 fleet's inflight entertainment system
Emirates invests more than $350 million to upgrade A350 fleet’s inflight entertainment system

Emirates Chief Operating Officer Adel al Redha said: “Emirates has always considered in-flight entertainment an important part of the inflight experience; Rarely seen more than 30 years ago, Emirates’ ice inflight entertainment system has won the Skytrax World’s Best Inflight Entertainment Award for 14 consecutive years, and it still provides passengers with a variety of rich content and experiences. Our new generation of Thales for the new A350 fleet The system will provide passengers with a better in-flight experience and continue Emirates’ leadership.”

Yannick Assouad, Executive Vice President of Thales Avionics, said: “We are very proud to be partnering with Emirates to deliver a superior in-flight experience. The Thales AVANT Up system offers Emirates’ latest technology and features and integrates Optiq 4K QLED HDR screens, Award-winning dynamic power management, and next-generation digital services. Emirates passengers can look forward to the latest in-flight entertainment.”

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Emirates is a leader in the aviation industry, choosing Optiq 4K QLED HDR screens with Samsung QLED technology, which is also the most distinctive new technology in the Thales AVANT Up system, showing accurate color in more than 1 billion shades, and then through the Emirates ice inflight entertainment The ice in-flight entertainment system is equipped with more than 5,000 channels in more than 5,000 languages, including live TV, the latest popular movies, TV shows, popular music, and the world’s first in-flight shopping platform – EmiratesRED . In addition, the Thales system will be equipped with an advanced version of “Live” TV, allowing passengers to enjoy more diverse and highest-resolution live TV and news options at an altitude of 40,000 feet.

In the future, Emirates passengers can also enjoy better tandem services through Optiq. Optiq has built-in Wi-Fi and is the industry’s first smart display to provide two Bluetooth connections. Passengers can pair with mobile phones, tablets, headphones, and even game joysticks. The device charges quickly.

Emirates has opted for AVANT Up digital services for a number of features, from a highly integrated personal service, expandable personal electronic device (PED), and an upgraded user interface to an immersive experience even for visually impaired passengers .

Emirates is the first airline in the world to choose Thales Pulse. Thales Pulse is a patented energy management technology that keeps charging performance unaffected no matter how many users are charging their devices at the same time.

Emirates and Thales will continue to work together on the Aviation X-Lab project, a Dubai-based start-up incubator, in response to their shared vision of continuing to innovate and shape the cabin experience of the future.

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