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Peanut prices continue to rise and continue to release good news-Futures-Finance

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This week, the peanut market ushered in a wave of strong market. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the price of Baisha peanuts experienced a rapid decline and began to rebound. Under the support of oil mills, the price of large peanuts remained strong. The expected reduction in peanut production has intensified, and the active entry of oil mills into the market has also confirmed the strength of the reduction in peanut production to a certain extent.

Recently, the number of peanuts in the production area has been increasing. However, due to the high moisture content of peanuts in the early stage, the price of peanuts is relatively high, and the willingness of traders to build inventories is low. At the same time, the effect of the National Day holiday has appeared. The market and food factories have a certain rigid demand due to the need for starting work. The price of Baisha currency rice has risen from 5.00 yuan/catties to 5.40 yuan/catties, an increase of 8% within a week.


In terms of oil mills, Jinsheng Oil Factory announced its entry into the market this week. The indicators are 43% oil, 9.5% moisture, and 1.5% acid price. The price is 9,000 yuan / ton, and a small amount of goods arrives one after another.

Tianxiang Oil Factory announced its entry into the market. The index is 44% oily and impurity ≤1%. The quotation is 8800 yuan / ton, and a small amount of goods arrives one after another.

Luhua Xinxiang, Zhengyang and other factories have started to purchase, the standard is oil content ≥ 43%, 7 sieves ≥ 75%, moisture ≤ 10%, the quotation is 10,000-10,100 yuan / ton, and the sporadic arrival of Xinxiang factory is maintained at 300 tons Around, part of the transaction price is 10,400 yuan.

The Longda factory was affected by the lowering of the purchase price, and the arrival volume in the early stage decreased, and the transaction price increased again in the later stage, rising from 9900-9980 to 10000-10100 yuan / ton, and the average arrival volume was 300-400 tons.

On the other hand, when the oil factory will enter the market in 2021, Longda will enter the market on October 21, 2021. The index is 43% oil, 9% moisture, less than 1.5% acid value, ≤1% impurities, 60% after 7 sieves, and no more than 10% under sieves. 20%, in terms of quality, the transaction price is 7200-7500 yuan / ton. Converting the 46% oil content currently purchased by Longda Oil Factory into 43% oil content, after the indicators correspond to the same, the difference between the purchase price this year and last year is 2,120 yuan/ton. The price of large peanuts rose from 4.90 yuan/catties after the Mid-Autumn Festival to 5.10 yuan/catties, and the price of large peanuts was strong.

According to Mysteey statistics, as of the press release, the oil mills received 20,070 tons in September, an increase of 8,600 tons compared with August. Compared with the same period of last year, it increased by 15,270 tons. From the figure, we can clearly see the change in the enthusiasm for oil plant acquisitions in September 2021 and 2022.


In terms of peanut oil, the price of domestic crushed first-class ordinary peanut oil is more prominent this week. In order to repair the profit of crushing, the price of peanut oil has risen again from 17,200 yuan against the background of soaring raw material prices and the sharp rise in foreign crude oil and imported rice prices. / ton rose to 17,500 yuan / ton, an increase of 1.74%. At present, the approaching of the National Day holiday and the sporadic appearance of domestic epidemics have led to the demand for replenishment in the market, and after the Mid-Autumn Festival, the willingness to purchase downstream has increased. Driven by demand and crushing profits, oil mills are more willing to purchase, which continues to boost the market.

  Peanut prices continue to rise and continue to release good news

In the short term, the strong operation of peanut prices still requires the continuous cooperation of food consumption demand. At present, wheat stubble has not been launched in large quantities. With the support of oil mills, it is not easy for peanut prices to fall. In the medium and long term, we should continue to pay attention to the listing progress of each production area. The arrival of cold air in the northeast is likely to cause farmers to harvest peanuts ahead of schedule, or to slow down the progress of peanut listing; if the weather has little impact, Henan wheat stubble , Shandong, and Northeast production areas are listed at the same time, and the concentrated supply may have a certain impact on the price of peanuts, and will face a wave of shock adjustments in the later period. After the National Day holiday, continue to pay attention to the market entry of major oil plants corresponding to each production area, as well as the willingness to purchase. Mysteel will continue to follow.

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