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Generous lover! SBF invests 400 million U.S. dollars in “Chinese ex-girlfriend” and lives happily in a Bahamian mansion |

In addition to his old lover Caroline Ellison, SBF also invested in an investment company founded by ex-girlfriend Lily Zhang in 2022. The company is also headquartered in a luxury residential area in the Bahamas, in the same place as the FTX headquarters.
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sinceThe FTX liquidation management team is still working hard to recover the remaining assets of the entire enterprise, or to find out how the previous funds were squandered, invested, spent, and calculated under the management of SBF. Yesterday, investigators re-examined the huge investment map of SBF, and found a huge investment that attracted attention.

An obscure investment firm that has been injected with $400 million

According to an FTX investment list published by the Financial Times in December last year, Alameda Research, a market maker held by SBF, had invested a total of US$400 million in a company called Modulo Capital in the third and fourth quarters of 2022. , which is one of the largest investments of Alameda Venture Capital, but what exactly is Modulo Capital, the mystery has been revealed recently.

Source: Financial Times

According to the New York Times, four people familiar with the matter revealed that Xiaoyun “Lily” Zhang, one of the founders of Modulo, had not only worked in Wall Street investment bank Jane Street Capital for 10 years, but also worked with SBF for 3 years.The two used to be in a relationship.

In addition, public documents show that Modulo Capital is headquartered in the Bahamas and operates in Albany, Bahamas. And Albany is where the luxury condominiums live for SBF and other FTX and Alameda employees. After SBF and Lily Zhang broke up, it seems that they still maintain a close relationship in terms of money relationship and daily relationship.

SBF’s Chinese-American ex-girlfriend Xiaoyun “Lily” Zhang

Various information shows that SBF has not only ex-girlfriend Caroline Ellison (the CEO who took over from Alameda later), but also another ex-girlfriend Xiaoyun “Lily” Zhang.

Judging by the name, Lily Zhang is of Chinese descent, and according to the American personal information search engine, it can be found that Lily Zhang, who worked at Jane Street Capital, was at Amherst College in Massachusetts from 2008 to 2012. This is in line with the working experience previously disclosed by foreign media.

Source: RocketSearch

Look up the public information of Amherst College graduates, and you can find a commemorative graduation photo from 2012, which shows that Xiaoyun “Lily” Zhang graduated from the school’s philosophy department.

Further finding the interview records of the graduates of that year, it can be found that Lily Zhang is a double major in the Department of Philosophy and Economics, and it can be seen that her own answers to her classmates are quite special and sharp:

Classmate: Where are you from?

Lily Zhang: Communist China, representative, Yo~

Classmate: You are a double major in the Department of Philosophy and Economics. What do you like about philosophy? What do you like about the economy?

Lily Zhang: I never said I liked either, I like British TV and hookers, I mean all whores, not British whores, although British whores are great too. I also like the slime that glows in the dark.

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