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She is Yang Yang’s rumored girlfriend! Jerry Yan’s “Summer Flower” is paired with Xu Ruohan, who is 21 years younger, and his pure beauty makes “Jackie Chan” stunning and brought him into the entertainment circle! | GirlStyle Daily life of Taiwanese girls

The 46-year-old Yan Chengxu recently showed his muscular charm in the Lu drama “Summer Flower”. He also had a lot of passionate and intimate scenes with the 25-year-old heroine Xu Ruohan, which made the drama’s discussion skyrocket. I believe that many Taiwanese audiences love Jerry Yan’s partner Xu Ruohan, a new-generation actress from China, is curious, this beauty has a lot of background! Come and take a look with us!

Photo from source: Web drama Xia Hua official microblog

#《夏花》partner Jerry Yan is stunning

Photo from source: Web drama Xia Hua official microblog

Jerry Yan recently showed his mature charm in the Lu drama “Summer Flower”. He partnered with the new generation actress Xu Ruohan who is 21 years younger. The two had many passionate scenes in the drama, which made the audience blush and heartbeat. “Summer Flower” is adapted from the novel “He Stands in the Brilliant Summer Flowers”, which describes the love story of a wealthy girl with leukemia “He Ran” who falls in love with a down-and-out gardener “Xiao Han”.

Xu Ruohan's outstanding appearance in the play has caused many audiences to inquire.Photo from source: Web drama Xia Hua official microblog

Yan Chengxu’s sexy gardening uncle “Xiao Han” in “Summer Flowers” shows off his chest muscles and strong muscles in many clips. This role is performed by the 25-year-old beautiful actress Xu Ruohan. She has a heavy role in the role, and many Taiwanese audiences have asked who is this young and beautiful girl?

Jerry Yan and Xu Ruohan had many passionate scenes inPhoto from source: Web drama Xia Hua official microblog

▼Jerry Yan staged a textbook-style full-score boyfriend

Jackie Chan tapped into the showbiz

Xu Ruohan was born in Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, China in 1998. She is a standard pure beauty, and she belongs to the type that looks more and more beautiful. When she was 18 years old, she was admitted to the Animation Academy of Beijing Film Academy with excellent results. girl.

At the age of 20, Xu Ruohan was caught by Jackie Chan for her fresh and pure appearance, and invited her to perform in the literary film “My Diary”. She was hailed as a lucky girl by the outside world.

#”Mr. Perfect and Miss Almost” is popular all over China

Photo from source: WeTV

The 22-year-old Xu Ruohan has her own masterpiece. In the popular Lu drama “Mr. favorite.

Xu Ruohan put on a wedding dress inPhoto from source: WeTV

Xu Ruohan’s wonderful performance in “Mr. Perfect and Miss Almost” assisted the show to break through 450 million views, not only becoming a new generation of goddess, but also establishing her own masterpiece in the drama circle.

Xu Ruohan playedPhoto from source: WeTV


Xu Ruohan and Yang Yang once had a love scandal.Photo from source: Sohu

Xu Ruohan, who has become more and more popular in acting, also cooperated with Jackie Chan for the second time. In the action film “Pioneer”, he played against Yang Yang, the “God of Lu Opera”. .

Xu Ruohan has an elegant demeanor inPhoto from source: You can’t ask for official Weibo

At the beginning of this year, Xu Ruohan had two dramas that aroused heated discussions. First, the fantasy sweet drama “Young Man Can’t Be Asked for” let the audience see that her appearance is suitable for the past and the present, and then her partner Jerry Yan in “Summer Flower” showed the sweetness of a young girl With innocence, Xu Ruohan was said by many fans to have a pure and beautiful face like the Japanese goddess Momoe Yamaguchi in the 1970s. Do you think so?

Xu Ruohan looks pretty and charming in ancient costumes inPhoto from source: You can’t ask for official Weibo

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