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Netflix’s Japanese drama “First Love” has become a phenomenal drama at the end of 2022. It caused a sensation on the first day of broadcast, and many viewers recalled the youthful and romantic “First Love”! Among them, “Takeru Sato”, who plays the leading role Harumichi Namiki, has been on the road to stardom since his debut in the second year of high school, with constant scandals. He has the titles of “Male God of Japanese Drama” and “Collaborator Killer”. With her handsome appearance and gentle voice, she will feel embarrassed when she plays with her!

“First Love” Takeru Sato’s secret 1: Entering the showbiz because he doesn’t like reading

Sato Takeru was a very hard-working student in junior high school, with good academic performance, and once won the first place in the whole grade! But after entering high school, he became bored with studying, and suddenly didn’t want to continue studying so seriously, so he almost fell asleep during class! He didn’t like to study when he was a sophomore in high school, and he was discovered by a scout from Amuse Agency, so he stepped into the show business circle like this!

Image source: Netflix “First Love”

“First Love” Takeru Sato’s Secret 2: The God of Japanese Drama

It is not without reason that Ken Sato was dubbed the “Japanese Drama God”! He has been active in the entertainment industry since he was 17 years old, and most of the dramas he starred in are high-profile works. In 2007, “Kamen Rider Den-oh” made him more famous. Sato Takeru, who entered the show business circle, also confirmed his dream of becoming a powerful actor at this time!

Image source: Netflix “Excalibur”

Afterwards, Takeru Sato continued to invite dramas. In 2012, “Excalibur” won the Japanese box office for two consecutive weeks after its release, reaching 2.37 million viewers, setting a record for the highest box office of 3.01 billion yen in the month; “The Royal Kitchen” won 2 Best Actor awards; in the 2020 manga drama “Love Can Last Forever” starring Moe Kamishiraishi, the poisonous snake doctor “Tiantangji” played by Takeru Sato became popular and gained average ratings 11.6% brilliant results!

10 Secrets of

Image source: “Love can last forever”

Almost all of Takeru Sato’s works are topical, and every once in a while, there will be a popular drama, such as “First Love”, which was named a phenomenal drama at the end of 2022, is also a good example. His acting skills in “One Drop of Tears” are even conferred by fans and netizens. The title of “Japanese TV Drama Male God” is well-deserved!

10 Secrets of

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“First Love” Takeru Sato’s Secret 3: Collaborator Killer, Most Popular Actor

Sato Takeru has the title of “collaborator killer” in the Japanese entertainment circle, because almost all the actresses who have worked with him have scandals with him, such as “Machine Girlfriend Q10” Maeda Atsuko, “Kamen Rider Electric King” Akiyama Rina , Satomi Ishihara in the stage play “Romeo and Juliet”, Haruka Ayase in “Truth: The Perfect Day of the Plesiosaur” and so on, Sato Takeru was also named the “Most Popular Actor” in the circle!

10 Secrets of

Image source: “Machine Girlfriend Q10”

However, in 2014, Takeru Sato had an extramarital affair with married actress Ryoko Hirosue! The two met because of their cooperation in “Ryoma Biography” in 2010. Unexpectedly, 4 years later, Ryoko Hirosue was photographed by the media and went to Sato Takeru’s house in the middle of the night and stayed overnight. grounded”, and he was strictly forbidden to go out at night.

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Image source: “The True and Perfect Day of the Plesiosaur”

The charm of Takeru Sato is really exuding all the time. Even Hikari Mitsushima, who collaborated with “First Love” this time, mentioned in the Netflix interview that Takeru Sato is too handsome, which made her very burdened when filming! Mitsushima said: “Has a very handsome appearance, the voice is also very nice, the acting is very good and very sincere, but when a boy is too handsome, I feel a little embarrassed.” And said, “I like Sato Takeru’s relaxed state before acting “!

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“First Love” Takeru Sato’s Secret 4: He reveals that he wants to get married before the age of 35

Takeru Sato said in a live broadcast with fans before that he wanted to get married before the age of 35, and said: “If you can’t get married before the age of 35, you can’t get married if you procrastinate!” When chatting with fans online, Every time a fan came in, he said: “I want to get married~” The funny dialogue made the fans dumbfounded, and they all called “too cute”!

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Image source: Weibo @ Takeru Sato

In this interview with Netflix, Takeru Sato also mentioned his ideal type: “Girls who are not afraid of failure are cute!” He also said that he likes petite, optimistic and cheerful girls. If each other encounters setbacks, the two can use humor. Bring it with a smile!

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“First Love” Takeru Sato’s secret 5: Created his own brand “A-byts”

In addition to being active in the entertainment industry, Sato Takeru also created his own clothing brand “A-byts”! He serves as the designer of the brand himself. From the initial selection of clothing materials, clothing design, proofing, to the final try-on, etc., Sato Takeru is responsible for it all by himself. He has a simple and neat Japanese style, which is affordable and has a high CP value. No wonder every time a new model is sold out soon!

“First Love” Takeru Sato’s secret 6: YouTube channel has millions of subscriptions

If you want to know more about Takeru Sato’s daily life, you must not miss his personal YouTube channel “Takeru Sato / Satoh Takeru”! In the channel, you can see Takeru Sato sharing food, traveling with friends in the circle TAKA and others, and there will be some behind-the-scenes footage of the shooting, etc. The themes are rich and diverse, which is really very interesting!

“First Love” Takeru Sato’s secret 7: Never use a substitute

Since his debut, Takeru Sato has played all the “martial arts scenes” in person, never using a substitute! He believes that since those stuntmen can do it, there is no reason why he and them can’t do it, so he also practiced very seriously in private, and he will also share related video records on his personal YouTube channel. He is really dedicated!

“First Love” Takeru Sato’s Secret 8: Hitting Kamenashi Kazuya

A while ago, many people sorted out the “face-to-face” of Japanese stars. Among them, Takeru Sato and Kamenashi Kamenashi, a member of Johnny’s, are also on the list. The similarity between the two is so similar that even fans can easily mistake them! If you ignore the mole on the side of Takeru Sato’s nose, he and Kamenashi Kazuya are basically twins, with super-like eyes, noses, and lips!

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Image credit: (left) Takeru Sato / (right) Kamenashi Kazuya

“First Love” Takeru Sato’s Secret 9: Super Fan

Takeru Sato is well-known in the showbiz as a “fan fan”! Compared with most artists and stars who interact with fans through live broadcasts on Instagram, Takeru Sato uses a video calling app called “SUGAR” to chat with fans. Opened a LINE account to chat with fans – chatting in person, not the system’s preset reply! Really super fan!

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Image source: Weibo @ Takeru Sato

“First Love” Takeru Sato’s secret 10: Love watching Korean dramas

Takeru Sato likes to watch Korean dramas, which seems to be a well-known fact in the fan circle. Before Takeru Sato answered questions in his YouTube video, he also mentioned that he was watching “Extraordinary Lawyer Yu Yingxuan” recently! He also praised Yu Yingxuan: “Very cute, super cute, very cute, and a very attractive lawyer!” (You can start watching the video from 44 points!)

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