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It is often said that “the power of genes is great”. Although there are many good-looking brothers and sisters in the entertainment industry, there are also some people whose family members are outstanding in appearance, but they did not take the road of acting, but chose to be a low-key backing of the family . “ETtoday Starlight Cloud” sorts out the good-looking sisters of several artists, and the pretty faces are not exported to the artists. Just a few photos are amazing!

▲Lin Xuanyu (right) and her younger sister. (Photo / Reposted from Facebook / Kiki-Lin Xuanyu)

Lin Xuanyu

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Lin Xuanyu became popular in the special edition of PTT watches when she was in college. Because of her sweet appearance, she was also given the title of “Little Michelle Chen”. However, in fact, the family originally wanted to cultivate her younger sister Lin Xin to become a star. The younger sister also has a very sweet appearance and is also versatile. She was on the show with Lin Xuanyu before, which surprised many viewers, but the younger sister is shy and not Not interested in acting.

▲Shao Yuwei (left) with her elder sister and younger sister. (Picture / flip from Facebook / Shao Yuwei)

Shao Yuwei

Shao Yuwei ranks second in the family, with an older sister and a younger sister. The whole family is very good-looking, especially the younger sister who looks very similar to her. The three sisters have a good relationship. They even went to take family salon photos together. They each wore different styles of white dresses. The three have their own characteristics but are quite sweet. Sitting together looks even more beautiful, although neither sister nor sister She debuted, but occasionally showing her face in Shao Yuwei’s photos can often amaze netizens.

▲ Lin Sha (left) and her younger sister. (Picture / flip from Instagram / superlisa821)

▲ Lin Sha (left) and her younger sister. (Picture / flip from Instagram / superlisa821)

Lin Sha

Lin Sha has a pure childlike face and a proud figure. She has published photo books several times and has been very popular with fans. She also has the title of “Taiwan Version Mikami Yuya”. And she actually has a younger sister who is also sweet and lovely. Although she is not often exposed, she has previously posted photos of each other on social networking sites, which surprised many netizens. , the sisters look almost like copy paste.

▲Wang Jing (middle) and her sister (left). (Picture / flip from Instagram / _ginglebellaaa)

▲Wang Jing (middle) and her sister (left). (Picture / flip from Instagram / _ginglebellaaa)

Wang Jing

Wang Jing became popular with the movies “Back to School”, “Old Moon” and the TV series “A Story More Sad Than Sad: Album Edition”, giving people a cute and spooky impression. She has a very close relationship with her sister Maple, who is 10 years older Well, the sisters also tattooed each other’s English names on their arms. Maple is a nurse by training and has appeared on TV before. Now she runs the beauty industry and is good at maintaining her appearance. She is a beautiful and strong woman.

▲The idiot princess (left) and her family sisters. (Picture / Recap from Instagram / Idiot Princess)

▲The idiot princess (left) and her family sisters. (Picture / Recap from Instagram / Idiot Princess)

idiot princess

In addition to having a biological sister, the YouTuber idiot princess has many sisters in the same generation of the family. Every year when she goes home to pay New Year’s greetings, she will act like a baby with her elderly grandma, asking her if she can remember the names of all her granddaughters. Last year, the idiot princess uploaded a group photo with her grandma, and saw that each of the five sisters had big eyes, which made netizens exclaim “the appearance is really inherited” and “everyone is so cute”.

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