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Zhengzhou Foxconn “riot protest”? Conflicts between the police and the people caused by the epidemic prevention blockade and unfair subsidies | Last 24 hours | udn Global

2022/11/24 24 hours around the corner

Photo / Agence France-Presse

“I want to defend my rights! I want to ask for my salary! The Communist Party cannot betray the working class!”ChinaFoxconn in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, after the previous “walking back home wave” in which workers escaped from the lockdown, there have been reports of “riots and protests” by workers in the factory area in recent days, because they are dissatisfied with a series of issues such as the continued chaotic and high-pressure lockdown measures, and unfair recruitment subsidies. It turned into a violent conflict between the people, the medical staff and the police. On November 22, videos of the factory area began to spread to social platforms. Some workers broke through the blockade and confronted tensely with the control personnel in white clothes. Some workers were also chased and beaten. What happened to Zhengzhou Foxconn? At the same time, Zhengzhou will conduct another 5 days of closed management. The situation seems difficult to deal with?

Foxconn’s factory is located in Zhengzhou, Henan, China. At the end of October this year, due to the spread of the epidemic and the measures of comprehensive closure and control, local workers who were worried about being blocked took risks to escape from the factory and return to their hometowns. A large number of workers “walked back to their hometowns” “The crowd. In order to stabilize the production capacity of Foxconn in Zhengzhou, in addition to softening the epidemic containment measures at first, it also resorted to generous subsidies and recruitment to supplement manpower. However, the Zhengzhou turmoil did not subside because of this. Instead, conflicts broke out again in November.

Beginning on November 22, a large number of live images of the Foxconn factory area were circulated on the Internet community platform. The video showed that on the evening of the 22nd, a large number of workers gathered for a “rights defense protest.” There was a violent conflict among the medical staff (but it is impossible to confirm whether these Dabai are medical staff, or armed police wearing white protective clothing and other people), some workers took down the fence and used it as a weapon, and many police officers in the factory area also came to support. From the video, the police used tear gas and water jets to drive away. The scene turned into a chaotic confrontation between the police and the people.

The scene of fierce clashes in the middle of the night immediately reminded the Chinese community of workers’ resistance and uprising, and related sensitive videos and texts are almost impossible to find on Weibo, WeChat and other platforms. On the next day, on the 23rd, it can be seen that the tense confrontation between the two sides has not subsided, and there are also videos showing bloody scenes of workers who have placed orders being surrounded and beaten by Dabai.

Photo / Agence France-Presse

Photo / Associated Press
Photo / Associated Press

Photo / Associated Press
Photo / Associated Press

However, there is no news report on the relevant events in China. Given the opacity of information and the difficulty of real-time and accurate verification of audio and video one by one, the specific details of the riots in the factory area and whether there were casualties cannot be confirmed in detail. However, many media including “BBC”, “Agence France-Presse” and “Associated Press” have followed the on-site footage and interviewed one after another, clearly stating that Zhengzhou Foxconn “conflicts did occur.”

Why did the return home on foot turn into a violent confrontation? Worker videos circulated on the Internet, or foreign media with front-line news pointed out that the fuse can be divided into two: one is still strong dissatisfaction with the containment measures, and at the same time, it is found that there are confirmed cases in the factory area that have not been properly resettled; The confirmed cases live mixed in the dormitories, causing panic and anger. The second is regarding the payment of wages and allowances. The changes made workers feel cheated and dissatisfaction increased.

Combining the workers’ statements quoted by the BBC and the Wall Street Journal, some workers discovered that the payment of the allowance originally promised by Foxconn had been delayed for no reason, which led to dissatisfaction among the workers who needed the money. Some have been postponed to March or May of 2023, but by this time the Spring Festival has already passed, which is really unacceptable for temporary workers who need money before the end of the year.

In these workers’ statements, it was also revealed that “Foxconn unilaterally revised the contract content”, which made everyone very angry. Fearing that they would be banned and quarantined, and that the allowance and salary could not be in place, it evolved into the situation that they saw later. collective rights struggle.

As for the series of disputes over Zhengzhou Foxconn, Hon Hai Group only stated to the outside world, “The subsidy has always been fulfilled according to the contract, and will continue to communicate with colleagues to explain that the current production in Zhengzhou Park is normal.” On the afternoon of the 24th, Hon Hai also stated again that “the situation has been closely grasped From these statements, it can also be confirmed that the factory area did detonate conflicts because of salary issues.

However, the situation may become more and more tightened-the Zhengzhou Municipal Government announced on the 24th that it will fully launch “liquidity management” from Friday the 25th-in fact, it is still a variant measure of dynamic clearing and sealing, requiring high risks Community residents are strictly prohibited from going out, and people in other areas are not allowed to go out unless necessary. Zhengzhou officials have repeatedly stressed that the current epidemic is still in a state of high tension. The Propaganda Department of the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee stated that it will “fight a war of epidemic prevention and control and annihilation” for a total of five days from November 25th to November 29th.

In terms of actual infection cases, Zhengzhou’s official figures (November 22) added 827 new local cases in a single day. Although there has been a downward trend compared with a week ago, the number of infections still remains at three digits, which makes the firm dynamic The cleared officials still can’t let go of the unblocking. At the same time, the National Health and Medical Commission of China also stated on the 24th that the number of newly infected people in a single day in China totaled 31,444 on the 23rd, which is a new high compared to the number of epidemics in the past two years. It is still necessary to block and control—but all the chaos that has occurred in various provinces this year, except for the repeated sad or angry painful stories on social platforms, there is no official solution or sign of letting go.

Photo / Associated Press
Photo / Associated Press

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