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▲This ramen shop “Hakata Cannon Ramen (Hakata Cannon ラーメン)” is located in Fukuoka, Japan. (Picture / Taken from Google Maps)

A few days ago, a Taiwanese tourist did not arrive at a reservation, causing a Japanese hot spring hotel to lose NT$56,000 in orders. Afterwards, the person concerned came forward to explain that it was a misunderstanding and promised to fully compensate the hotel for the loss. But now another group of Taiwanese tourists have been condemned by public opinion for their actions. They went to a Japanese ramen restaurant for dinner, and 6 of them only ordered 3 bowls of noodles to eat in turn. After being stopped, they left directly and wrote a negative review on the Google page. Scolding “really unreasonable and dead-headed”, many Taiwanese netizens couldn’t stand it, and left messages to help the store to replenish blood. Even lawyer Lin Zhiqun posted a suggestion “If you want to try a bowl for multiple people, take it away.”

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▲Taiwanese tourists posted a one-star negative review on the Google page. (Picture / flip from Google)

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This ramen shop “Hakata Cannon Ramen (Hakata Cannon ラーメン)” is located in Fukuoka, Japan. A Taiwanese tourist left a one-star negative review on the Google page about a week ago. He said that it was raining outside that day and there were no other customers in the shop, but Because the store stipulates that children under the age of 20 are not allowed to enter the store, children under the age of 3 cannot enter the store. In addition, the store has small and few places, and adults can only take turns to take care of the children outside.

The passenger said that there were 6 adults in them, and they wanted to order 3 bowls of ramen to eat alternately. The girls took care of the children outside first, and then changed their wives to eat after the husband finished eating halfway. “A woman with a stepmother face at the bar immediately choked Said “no swapping”… I was really dumbfounded at the moment, so we didn’t eat and left. The men said that the faces of those two stink like their ramen.” He also complained that the clerk was “really unreasonable and dead-headed.”

After the comment was posted, it was forwarded on the Internet, sparking a heated discussion. Many Taiwanese netizens flocked to the Google page of the ramen shop to help out, “I’m sorry to throw it in Japan! Support the store!”, “I’m very sorry, not every day Taiwanese are so rude”, “3 bowls for 6 people is X small, why don’t you bring your whole family and relatives to order a piece of char siu together”, “I’m sorry, because the behavior of a small number of people in Taiwan has caused dissatisfaction to the store Good impression, please forgive me”, “The ramen shop I ate was ruined by the Taiwanese in my own country, so I came to help the boss replenish blood.”

As for some people’s slow cheeks, it may be because there are too many Japanese delicacies, and this is the case in order to leave room for the stomach to taste more delicacies. In this regard, lawyer Lin Zhiqun said bluntly, “If you want to try a bowl for multiple people, you can take it out. If you take it back to the restaurant and ask 10 people to share a bowl, no one will beat you.”

Lin Zhiqun believes that the restaurant has limited seats, and if you order a bowl of noodles, it will be eaten by two people, which takes up two time slots (one person/meal). If you play in Japan, you should also go to the country and ask the customs. “The principle of ‘don’t cause trouble to others’ applies everywhere, including Taiwan.”

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