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Stop leaning west!Foreign media: Russia plans a secret plan to subvert Moldova | Russo-Ukrainian war | Global

Stop leaning west!Foreign media: Russia plans a secret plan to subvert Moldova | Russo-Ukrainian war | Global
Stop leaning west!Foreign media: Russia plans a secret plan to subvert Moldova | Russo-Ukrainian war | Global

Foreign media revealed Russia’s short-, medium-, and long-term plans to destabilize Moldova, including establishing pro-Russian forces among political and economic elites, stirring up social conflicts, forming a negative attitude toward NATO, or threatening to cut off natural gas supplies, etc. , forcing Moldova to return to the Russian sphere of influence.

CNN reported today that the document was first obtained and published by a consortium of media including Expressen, Moldova, and VSquare in Central and Eastern Europe.RussiaThe agency for cross-border cooperation of the Federal Security Service (FSB) will be drawn up in 2021.

Titled “Strategic objectives of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Moldova”, the five-page document appears to be aimed at deterring the former Soviet republic of Moldova from tilting towards the West, such as Moldova’s closer relationship with NATO and its application to join the European Union Union (EU). The document repeatedly mentions the importance of preventing Moldova from joining NATO.

The document outlines a 10-year strategy to bring Moldova into Russia’s sphere of influence, including by making Moldova dependent on Russian gas imports and stoking social conflict, as well as trying to prevent Moldova from gaining control in the pro-Russian breakaway region of Transnistria. Gain influence.

The terrain along the Nester River is long and narrow, withUkraineAdjacent to the southwest. The region was split from Moldova after a war 30 years ago, and Russia maintains a military presence, with one of Europe’s largest arsenals of Soviet-era guns, ammunition and bombs.

The secret strategy has several headings, with short-term, medium-term and long-term goals listed under them. Short-term goals include supporting Moldovan political forces advocating constructive relations with Russia, and defeating Moldovan initiatives to remove Russia’s military presence along the Dniester River.

Medium-term goals include opposing Romania’s expansionist policies in Moldova and Moldova’s cooperation with NATO. The long-term goal is to create a stable pro-Russian influence group among the Moldovan political and economic elite, and to form a negative, negative attitude towards NATO.

Moldova and Romania have a long history and close relationship. Thousands of Moldovans already have Romanian passports.

Asked about the document yesterday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said he had no knowledge of it. “We do not rule out that this is yet another fake document. Russia will remain open to the establishment of good-neighborly and mutually beneficial relations.” , including relations with Moldova”.

“We very much regret that the current leadership of Moldova has an unreasonable and unfounded prejudice against Moscow,” he said.

Moldova is a poor country with a population of 2.6 million, and there are a large number of Russians in its territory. Al Jazeera reported that 40 percent of the local population wants to join the Eurasian Economic Union, a Russian-dominated free trade bloc.

Moldova has angered Russia in recent years by turning west.Russo-Ukrainian WarAt the beginning of the outbreak, Moldovan officials were worried that Russian tanks would come across the border. Ukrainian analyst Aleksey Kushch told Al Jazeera yesterday that since direct military invasion was not an option, “Moscow’s only chance is to destabilize the situation from within and bring pro-Russian parties to power through re-election”.

Former Moldovan diplomat Alexei Tulbure also said that Moscow raised gas prices to force Moldova to give in, but the current government turned to Europe to buy gas. After Ukraine, “we are the next target”.

“Russia is waging a hybrid war against us” in the form of energy blackmail, propaganda and support for demonstrations, he said.

Local socialist MP Bogdan Tirdea accused the current pro-Western government of being a political “puppet” and “warmonger” of Washington, who always wants to play the war card and create an atmosphere of hysteria and fear.

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