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On the 1st of this month, it was reported that two tourists died in the resort island of Bali. Both Chinese couples were dead inside and outside the room of the five-star hotel. The cryptocurrency community rumored that the two were Web3 industry professionals, and their net worth was astonishing. The bizarre death also makes this matter suspicious.
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printOn May 1st, Nibali reported the murder of a Chinese couple tourist. The two died in a five-star Intercontinental Resort. “. Is the statement really credible? It starts with the situation.

The death of the two people is suspected of being man-made

It is understood that two Chinese tourists checked in at the Jimbaran Intercontinental Hotel in Bali, but at about 7:00 am on the 1st of this month, the male deceased was found lying on the balcony of the corridor outside the room, full of The body was bathed in blood, there were several open wounds on the neck and left foot, bruises and blisters on the left chest and the lower side of the left arm, suspected of being abused, the surveillance video found that the male tourist was covered in blood at around 6:30 in the morning The blood crawled slowly in the corridor of the hotel, as if he wanted to ask someone for help, and finally died after struggling for about 20 minutes.

The Chinese man was found on the balcony of the corridor outside the room. Source: Indonesian media Radar Bali

The female deceased was lying in the bathtub in the room, with tight wounds on her neck and bruises on her forehead. Neither of them was wearing clothes when they were found.

On the other hand, the local hotels are close to the beach, and generally have a one-sided open architectural design, and you can directly enter the hotel from the beach. According to a Hong Kong 01 report, some Hong Kong netizens said that they only checked into the hotel in April and questioned the security of the hotel. not serious. She said that when she checked in in the early hours of last month, there was only one security guard at the hotel gate, and on the day of check-out, the staff in the lobby was sleeping in the back room, and she had to wake him up to go through the procedures.

In the online community, the background information of male and female tourists has been searched. The male deceased is suspected to be 25-year-old Li Chiming from Guangxi, and the female deceased is 24-year-old Cheng Jianan from Jiangxi. The two names bought the Gemini planet naming certificate to symbolize love.

Photos of the dead female circulated|Source: Weibo
The two bought the “Gemini Star Naming Certificate” under their own names and it was also exposed|Source: Weibo

Robbery? Cause of death linked to cryptocurrency dispute?

Traveling abroad but dying in a foreign land caused many discussions in the online community. The male deceased also pointed out that he usually drove a Rolls-Royce and was very rich. People died because of “possessing a large amount of cryptocurrency”. When they were staying abroad, they were premeditated and ambushed, and they were violently forced to transfer the huge sums in the Web3 wallet.

When the Huobi platform currency $HT was used up and down, nnn, the holder who lost the most, also spoke out on the social software, saying that the male deceased was his friend. Chatted and communicated, but they didn’t know that they chose to commit suicide in Bali.

However, because the death of the two people in Bali was not simple, it is still impossible to simply conclude that they committed suicide or were murdered by others. At present, the Chinese Consulate in Indonesia is closely cooperating with the local police. An autopsy was conducted, but the details of the rest have not been disclosed. Therefore, the entire murder process and results have not been confirmed by the judicial unit, and the rumors on the Internet should not be completely trusted.


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