“Don’t waste your life and live for others!” Inventory of 5 “inspiring” speeches by tech veterans | TechNews Technology News

“Don’t waste your life and live for others!” Inventory of 5 “inspiring” speeches by tech veterans | TechNews Technology News
“Don’t waste your life and live for others!” Inventory of 5 “inspiring” speeches by tech veterans | TechNews Technology News

On the 27th, Huang Renxun, CEO of Huida, was invited to be a guest speaker at the graduation ceremony of National Taiwan University, which caused quite a stir. The outside world is also looking forward to what kind of encouragement and blessings the “Godfather of Graphics Cards” will give to graduates. Many technology veterans have been invited to participate in graduation speeches, and the famous quotes in them are still enduring even after 20 years. “Science and Technology News” specially sorted out the classic graduation speeches of 5 technology veterans, so that readers can go back to the inspiring moment.

1. Jobs: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Speaking of the most classic CEO speech, there is nothing more than the epilogue “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” by Apple founder Steve Jobs in his 2005 Stanford University graduation speech. But after revisiting it, the author thinks that every sharing and content is very exciting, and it is worth revisiting for readers.

▲ The graduation speech starts at 7 minutes and 40 seconds.

In this graduation speech, Jobs shared three life stories. First of all, he dropped out of college. He joked that this was “the best decision he has ever made in his life”, because he can only take the courses he likes after taking a break from school, and taking the course “Fontology” helped him apply all he learned in the past. In the first generation of Macintosh computers (Macintosh), it even influenced the aesthetics of later computer fonts.

According to Jobs,“The bits and pieces that happened in the past will eventually be connected in the future, including courage, destiny, fate, etc., will give you the confidence to move towards your ideals, even if it takes you away from the traditional path, it is also the reason that makes you unique.”

Then, he explained his mental journey of being fired from Apple, frankly considering escaping from Silicon Valley, but later realized that being fired was the best experience of his life, because he founded NeXT, Pixar and met his wife during this period. With Apple’s purchase of NeXT, the technology developed here has become the key to Apple’s recovery. He believes that after experiencing these things, the key to sustaining is to “find what you love to do.” Even if you don’t find it, keep looking and don’t stop.

Jobs used cancer as the third story. He discovered that “treating each day as the last day of life will eventually find the direction of life”, because of external expectations, reputation, all fear of embarrassment or failure, facing death will disappear all the time. In addition, “death” will always replace the old with the new,Don’t waste time living in the shadow of others, don’t let the noise of others drown out your own voice, and more importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

Finally, he also blessed the graduates with “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”.

2. Cook: When the time comes, you will never be ready

Cook (Tim Cook) has participated in many university graduation speeches in recent years, so he intercepted his speech at Stanford University in 2019. He mentioned that most of the recent “innovations” in the technology industry have turned to taking credit for them , but does not assume any responsibility, and taking responsibility means the courage to solve difficulties.

Cook said that if people remain indifferent when their privacy is collected, trafficked, or leaked, what will be lost is not only data, but the freedom of being born as a human being. In a world without digital privacy, even if you do nothing wrong, you will sink into the abyss of self-censorship, gradually become afraid of taking risks, lose creativity, stop thinking actively, and will eventually create a narrow and unimaginative world. Ironically, Silicon Valley should have stopped this before it happened. He believes that they have the responsibility to create an environment of freedom, as well as the responsibility to change, and graduates must at least learn from these mistakes, “If you want to get credit, first learn how to take responsibility.”

In the end, Cook extended the words Jobs gave to graduates 14 years ago, “Time is limited, don’t live for others”, thinking that “your mentor may make you ‘ready’, but not make you ‘ready’.” good””. He said frankly that when Jobs was ill, he said that he could not continue to do it, and Cook still believed that Jobs was just retreating into the background. It was not until Jobs really left that he realized “preparation” and “preparation”. Good” deep differences.

Cook said frankly that this was “the most isolated moment in my life.” When the dust settled, he knew that he had to live his best appearance. People go crazy. What was said 14 years ago still applies today, so“Don’t waste your time living for others, don’t blindly imitate the predecessors, reject everything else, and distort yourself into a shape that doesn’t fit”“.

“Graduates, when your time comes, you’ll never be ready, and you’re never going to be ready,” Cook continued, but you can find hope in the unexpected, courage in the challenge, and loneliness Discover the vision on the road, don’t be distracted, too many people who want honor but don’t want to take responsibility, too many people who don’t do anything but appear at the ribbon-cutting moment,“Be brave to be different and leave something of value. Always remember: you can’t take it away, but you must pass it on”.

3. Su Zifeng: Dream bigger, I believe you can change the world

Next is “Su Ma” Su Zifeng. She was invited to give a graduation speech at her alma mater, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2017. Since the target audience is MIT graduates, the layout is different, but one can learn from Su Ma’s life experience Find an attitude worth emulating.

▲ The graduation speech starts at 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

Su Zifeng believes that there are two things in the world that can determine a person’s success or failure and life, namely “family love” and “education”, and advises graduates to “dream bigger and believe that you can change the world”. “Take risks and grow from mistakes”. She admitted frankly that after becoming an engineer to business and management, she found that many MIT PhDs worked for Harvard MBAs, which was completely unreasonable to her, so she fought for business operations when she was at IBM.

However, the operation of the first business was not smooth, because the performance fell by 50% compared with the same period last year. “I found that the moment that really shaped my career was the moment when I did the worst.” Su Zifeng admitted that this incident caused her quite a headache. She also learned from her mistakes and corrected her strategy. “Mistakes are natural, success There are no shortcuts, but those who grow from their mistakes are the winners and become leaders.”

Su Zifeng also suggested “creating opportunities by oneself”. In addition to being smart, luck is also very important, so “please find the most difficult problems in the world and come forward to solve them.” She also encountered tough problems several times in her career, and later found that difficult problems will bring out the best in herself and her team, and create a series of opportunities.

Su Zifeng revealed that the decision made after joining AMD was questioned by consultants, but she thought it was the best opportunity, “My entire career, from my days at MIT to 20 years of industry experience, is In preparation to lead a semiconductor company, this was my moment to create my own opportunity.”

Therefore, she once again encouraged the graduates“Dream bigger, believe that you can change the world, take risks, grow from your mistakes, work harder every day, and solve the world’s problems”and jokingly said, please let more Harvard MBAs work for MIT PhDs.

4. Bill Gates: Resting is not an act of laziness, it is something you deserve

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, was invited to give a graduation speech at Northern Arizona University this year. He admitted that the graduating class in 2023 is the most difficult class. And learning changes with it; as a result, these students will need resilience, courage and a lot of creativity to cross this finish line.

Since Bill Gates failed to graduate from his alma mater Harvard University, he shared his life experience after leaving school with the title of “5 Suggestions He Wanted to Hear at the Graduation Ceremony” with graduates, and he also hoped to tell his 21-year-old self.

▲ The graduation speech starts at 3 minutes and 15 seconds.

The first is “Your life is not a one-act play”. After he founded Microsoft, he thought he would stay there for the rest of his life. Even though he still loves software work, philanthropy has become his full-time job now. Bill Gates said, “Your tomorrow Or what you do in the next 10 years, isn’t necessarily something you’ll do forever. Changing your mind or having a second career is not only okay, it’s great.”

The second suggestion is, “No matter how smart people are, there will be times when they are confused.” Bill Gates believes that the first step in learning things is to embrace unfamiliar things instead of focusing on known knowledge. There are always problems in career that cannot be solved alone, so find smarter people to learn from. The key point is not to be afraid to ask. Lifelong learning is expected even after leaving school.

The third suggestion is to “do work that solves important problems”. When solving major problems every day, it will motivate you to do your best work, force you to become more creative, and give life a strong sense of purpose; The four are “don’t underestimate the power of friendship.” Bill Gates said that he met Paul Allen, a classmate at school. They both liked science fiction and computer magazines. Competitors and classmates are your network of contacts. They may be your future co-founders or colleagues, and they may also be important sources of information, advice and support.

Finally, “resting is not an act of laziness”. Bill Gates admitted that it took a lot of time to realize this. When he was young, he didn’t take vacations, but weekends. He also asked people around him to work overtime for a long time. Silently record who leaves early and who returns late. “But as I got older, especially after becoming a father, I realized that there are more important things in life than work.” Bill Gates reminded, please take time to cultivate relationships, celebrate success, and stand up from failure, ” Take a break when you need it, you deserve it.”

5. Musk: Give it a go, you won’t regret it

The last one introduced Tesla CEO Elon Musk. He went to the Southern California Business School to give a graduation speech in 2014. The whole speech was very personal, and he showed his leadership to the company and the team. The style and content are also different from the direction of the above CEOs, suitable for young students who want to start a business.

▲ The graduation speech starts at 1:15.

Musk has founded many well-known companies, including SpaceX, Tesla, PayPal, etc., so he wants to share what he thinks is the most useful advice to graduates. The first is to “do our best at work”. When Musk and his younger brother founded the first company, because they were short of money and could only buy a computer, he worked all waking hours, running the website during the day, writing programs at night, and writing programs at night. Day after day, he also said, “If others work 50 hours and you work 100 hours, then your company can do twice as much as other companies in a year.”

Next, he suggested “doing our best to attract talents”. Whether as a founder or an employee, talent is one of the keys. The founder must find a group of outstanding people. Their talent, hard work, and cohesion all determine the success of the company.

The third point is “grasp the key points and don’t be blinded by noise”. Musk believes that many companies spend money where they cannot improve their products. For example, Tesla never spends money on advertising, and invests all its funds in R&D, manufacturing and design. He believes that companies should always think about whether the things they spend their energy on can make their products or services better, and if not, stop these attempts as soon as possible.

Finally, Musk suggested that “don’t follow the trend”, just like the “First Principle” structure of physics, everything should return to the most basic truth, so as to make inferences to judge whether this matter is reasonable or just the trend trending way.

For graduates, Musk believes that “now is a good time to let go and take risks!” As you grow older, your responsibilities will become heavier. After you have a family, you have to take risks not only yourself, but also the whole family, so just graduating is worth the risk. “I encourage everyone to give it a go and take risks, you won’t regret it.”

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