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The editor of Quanlian is a god-level copywriter! Apple Sketch buried the meme too deep and the Internet paid for it: You win!


[Wu Kunzhi/Comprehensive Report]The community editor of the “Allianz Welfare Center” is so talented that he has launched another god-level copywriting. Yesterday, he introduced the “Allianz Aomori Apple Season” with 12 apple sketches, and also hid that he will start buying Aomori products from now on. If you spend more than 200 yuan on Apple, you will have the chance to win a round-trip air ticket to Tokyo, Japan. Netizens praised, “Quanlian editor is the ceiling of the editor world!” “Only Quanlian can surpass Quanlian. This may be a magic trick to defeat AI. square!”

Facebook’s “Allied Welfare Center” posted yesterday, “The First Super Professional Apple Sketch Contest, In-depth Appreciation of the Winning Works.” The content seems to be straightforward, but the highlights are the 12 sketches and “Judge Analysis”. From a worldly perspective, when looking at paintings from masterpieces to gold medals, they will feel that they are “going from bad to worse”. The works are inversely proportional to the awards. The most beautiful paintings are the most like masterpieces, but a few random graffiti are silver medals and gold medals. They attract the eye and keep reading one by one. I think. Know what the ending is.

The gold medal apple sketch looks like a child’s graffiti, and the drawing paper seems to be recycled paper. The judges praised “the artist showed confidence in being able to complete the work with just a few strokes, and boldly added the finishing touch of “Made in Japan”. The vigorous brush strokes and the spirit of tracing back to the origin are very amazing”, bringing out “appreciation from a macro perspective”, and continued Each picture is a close-up and a close-up, “from a microscopic perspective” and “from a microscopic perspective”, and I see “Tokyo air ticket” written in the “a” of “Japan”.

Netizens exclaimed, “Details!! It seems like they were drawn with recycled paper!” “It’s in”, “This meme has been around for so long”, “What the hell did I read”, “You don’t live long enough and your blood vessels burst before you finish reading it” “, “I thought the backend of the promotion must be very…”, someone praised the editor, “More than 400 people shared it, it really achieved the effect of advertising! The organizer is the best among the best! “Okay! You win the gold medal! In short…it requires creativity, not painting ability”, “Only Quanlian can surpass Quanlian, this may be a recipe to kill AI!”

The editor of Quanlian is a god-level copywriter! The apple sketch buries the stem too deeply. Take a photo of
The editor of Quanlian is a god-level copywriter! The apple sketch buries the stem too deeply. Take a photo of “Quanlian Welfare Center” on Facebook

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