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Taking laxatives and having a bowel movement every 10 days… She had been suffering from constipation for 10 years and the doctor cleared out “4 kilograms of feces” which was shocking | International | CTWANT


Speaking of constipation, many people have experienced it. (Image/Pixabay)

Speaking of constipation, many people have experienced it. For most people, it is just a small episode in life, but for some people, it is a long-lasting torture. A mainland woman surnamed Pan suffered from constipation for 10 years. Even taking laxatives was useless. She only had a bowel movement in more than 10 days, which made her quite depressed. It was not until she went to Hangzhou First People’s Hospital for treatment that she finally found out the reason behind the constipation. reason.

“Metropolitan Express” reported that Ms. Pan, who is in her 60s, has been suffering from constipation for 10 years. When she first had difficulty defecating, most of her relied on laxatives or Kaiselu to assist defecation, and could only defecate once or twice a week. In the past six months, her symptoms of difficulty in defecation have worsened, and laxatives have no effect. She only has one bowel movement every 10 days, and her stomach feels distended and painful every day. For this reason, she dare not eat because she is afraid that she will not be able to get out after eating, which seriously affects her daily life. Life.

Seeing that her belly was getting more and more bloated, Mrs. Pan went to Hangzhou First People’s Hospital for treatment. After being admitted to the hospital, the doctor used various enema and laxative medications, and she excreted 4 kilograms of feces, which surprised the doctors. Although the patient experienced unprecedented relief, it only cured the root cause but not the root cause. After a series of examinations, the doctor discovered that the cause of Ms. Pan’s years of constipation was related to the long sigmoid colon. At the same time, the magnetic resonance defecography examination also suggested that she had rectocele.

Since the patient’s condition is no longer suitable for conservative treatment, Shan Yuqiang, director of the Department of Gastrointestinal and Anal Surgery, carefully studied the medical records and examination results. After further detailed and comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s condition, he believed that the cause of Mrs. Pan’s difficulty in defecation was mixed constipation, long sigmoid colon, and simultaneous Slow colonic transit and anorectal defecation disorders require minimally invasive surgery to help patients solve their long-term constipation problems.

After complete surgical preparations, Shan Yuqiang’s team performed a laparoscopic subtotal colectomy and side-to-side ascending colon-rectum anastomosis for the patient. This operation is also called the “Jinling operation” and the operation went smoothly. Shan Yuqiang said that if the length of the sigmoid colon exceeds the normal range by 40 to 60cm or exceeds 35% to 45% of the normal length, it is called a long sigmoid colon, which is an intestinal disease that causes constipation. Since the sigmoid colon is a storage organ for feces, a long sigmoid colon can cause chronic constipation, but not all of them require treatment. Only patients like Mrs. Pan who have obvious clinical symptoms need treatment.

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