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Shakira reaches plea deal to pay half of back taxes


(Reuters, Barcelona, ​​20th) Pop music queen Shakira reached a settlement with prosecutors in a Barcelona court today in a tax evasion lawsuit. She agreed to pay half of the tax owed to avoid being charged with tax evasion of up to 100,000 yuan between 2012 and 2014. 14.5 million euros and went on trial.

As part of the plea agreement, Shakira accepted multiple charges from prosecutors and agreed to pay half of the tax owed, which is more than 7.3 million euros (approximately NT$250 million).

The judge said during the first hearing that she also accepted another fine of 438,000 euros to avoid a three-year prison sentence.

Shakira said in a statement: “The decision to reach an agreement was based on personal, emotional and emotional considerations and had nothing to do with legal (reasons).” She also said that she was ready to defend her innocence, but later decided to prioritize her career. and children.

“I came to the conclusion that a victory is not a victory if it takes away years of your life,” she said.

At the beginning of the trial, Judge Jose Manuel del Amo Sanchez asked Shakira: “Do you admit the facts (of the crime) and accept the new punishment requested by the prosecutor?” Shakira, who was wearing a pink suit and pink handbag, Ra whispered back, “Yes.”

On the 16th of this month, Shakira won two Latin Grammys in Seville, southern Spain.

Prosecutors previously argued that Shakira spends more than half of her year in Spain and therefore must pay taxes to Spain. Prosecutors also said that the property Shakira purchased in Barcelona in May 2012 was a residence for self-use. In response to the above charges, prosecutors sought to sentence Shakira to more than eight years in prison and recover the taxes she owed.

Shakira, 46, moved to Spain in 2011 after her public romance with Spanish football star La Liga Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, but she still maintained her tax resident status in the Bahamas until 2015. The two lived together for 11 years and had two children. After breaking up in June last year, Shakira moved to Miami, Florida, USA. Central News Agency (translation)

Shakira reaches plea deal to pay half of back taxes

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