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“Black Talking Lawyer” Run’e herself responded to “Weihu BE ending”: I knew it from the beginning, although it hurts but it is understandable | Kdaily Korean Fan Daily

Starring Lee Jong Suk and Yoon Ah, the topical hit drama “Black Talk Lawyer” ushered in its finale last weekend. Although the audience rating broke its own record with 13.7%, the ending of the heroine Gao Weihu’s final death also caused heated discussions on the Internet, and many viewers All are unacceptable! In this regard, Wei Hu’s actor, Run A, was interviewed recently and shared her views on Wei Hu’s BE, and revealed that she had known it for a long time.

Photo from MBC

Photo from MBC

Many viewers regret Verhu's endingPhoto from MBC

Yoon-ah plays “Go Wei-hu”, the nurse’s wife of the hero Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-suk) in “The Black Talking Lawyer”. In order to clear her husband’s crime, she is a character who has developed a spirit of sacrifice. In the play, in order to expose the unhealthy trends in Jiuchuan City, Wei Hu accidentally came into contact with radioactive waste water in the process of tracing, and finally died of terminal acute lymphoma. As an active female character in the early stage, many viewers expressed regret for the ending of Yuna’s death.

Yoon-ah reveals the reason for taking on the role ofPhoto from SM엔터테인먼트

Yoon-ah reveals the reason for taking on the role ofPhoto from SM엔터테인먼트

In an interview recently, Run A revealed that the reason why she took on the role of “Black Talking Lawyer” was that “the character is so handsome.” She said, “How much do you have to love that person (Park Chang-ho) to be sure that he is not a big mouse? At this point, the character of Wei Hu seems to be a very strong person. I want to be a character like her.”

Run A expressed her views on Wei Hu's final deathPhoto from SM엔터테인먼트

Run A expressed her views on Wei Hu's final deathPhoto from SM엔터테인먼트

Yuna also expressed her views on Wei Hu’s death: “The ending of Wei Hu was only known to me by the screenwriter at the beginning. As far as I know, the screenwriter is also very troubled, because many audiences love Chang Hao & Wei Hu CP, so I feel more distressed, and it seems that I spent a lot of time after the filming. I felt the same and understood the part after knowing it, because I think the writer has a message that he wants to convey, so I concentrated on expressing only the content that was given.”

Yuna's view on the ending ofPhoto from SM엔터테인먼트

In addition, Park Chang-ho, who originally shouted that the wicked should be punished by the law, ended up killing Choi Do-ha (played by Kim Joo-heon) with “private justice”. Yuna also said, “I feel sorry from the standpoint of the audience. From Chang-ho’s standpoint, Wei Hu died because of Choi Doha, so he thought that he took revenge in the same way. Did you express your feelings for Wei Hu in this way?”

Yoon-ah was asked if she was happy with the endingPhoto from SM엔터테인먼트

When asked if she was satisfied with the ending, Yuna joked, “It’s the first time I died so much, so it’s new.” She also said, “Because the ending of death is also considered a work, viewers may feel that I’m tired. My heart aches when I’m acting.”

Yoon Ah: No beer PPL, just want to drink XDPhoto from SM엔터테인먼트

Interestingly, although Wei Hu was diagnosed with a terminal tumor, and the time was short, there was still a scene of drinking beer, and the audience even asked whether it was PPL (Placement Marketing). Yuna burst into laughter at this, “As far as I know, it’s not PPL. Do you just want to enjoy it?”

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