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Everyone in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macau is well-known as the “Gambling King of the Generation” Stanley Ho. During his lifetime, his career development was diverse and he was also the major shareholder of Macau Gaming Holdings. His legendary life not only played a role in his career and wealth, With multi-national mixed blood, young and handsome, he married four wives in his life and had sixteen children. His love life is brilliant, and he is also a legendary legend in the Chinese circle.

Ho Hongshen has always married four wives in his life, one original wife Li Wanhua, and the remaining three concubines, according to the order before and after they were entered, are Lan Qiongying, Chen Wanzhen and Liang Anqi. And when it comes to the legendary life of Stanley Ho, the four women who accompanied him are all characterized by good looks, and each beauty is so beautiful that it has its own characteristics. But in fact, Stanley Ho himself was not low in appearance when he was young. Because he has foreign ancestry, he has the three-dimensional facial features and profound sense of foreigners between his brows, which also makes his emotional world, just like his career map, very grand. Wonderful.

Portuguese-born Lai Yuen Wah is known as “the most beautiful woman on the streets of Macau” and is also the wife of Stanley Ho’s life. (Picture/Flip Weibo)

In the past, some people wondered why Stanley Ho could marry four wives without abiding by monogamy? Is it because he is rich or good-looking? It turns out that this is because before 1971, Hong Kong’s marriage law still followed the old regulations of the Qing Dynasty, so Stanley Ho could marry polygamy in his early years, which also added to the topic of his legendary life.

In 1942, the 21-year-old Stanley Ho married Li Wanhua, who was only 19 years old and had Portuguese origin. He was a beautiful embryo with a mixed face, and was also known as “the most beautiful woman in Macau Street”. Going to learn Portuguese. After Li Wanhua married Stanley Ho, she also gave birth to 1 son and 3 daughters for him, namely: He Chaoying, He Chaoxian, He Youguang, and He Chaoxiong.

Lan Qiongying, the second wife of the late gambling king Stanley Ho, died of illness in June this year. (Picture / Taken from Dongwang)

But then it may be that Stanley Ho felt that there were not enough males in the family. In addition, Li Wanhua was in poor health in the later period and was bedridden for many years. Later, in 1957, Stanley Ho, who was 36 years old at the time, officially accepted Lan Qiongying as the second wife in accordance with the laws of the Qing Dynasty. Lan Qiongying gave birth to him 1 son and 4 daughters, namely: He Chaoqiong, He Chaofeng, He Chaoyu, He Chaoyi, and He Youlong.

Gambling king Stanley Ho and three-bedroom Chen Wanzhen have a son and two daughters. (Photo/taken from He Chaolian IG)
Gambling king Stanley Ho and three-bedroom Chen Wanzhen have a son and two daughters. (Photo/taken from He Chaolian IG)

Later, because Stanley Ho and his second wife, Lan Qiongying, lived in two places, Stanley Ho hoped that someone would be by his side. Seeing that his eldest wife Li Wanhua was sick, his first spouse’s nurse Chen Wanzhen took good care of him. He Hongshen and Chen Wanzhen gradually fell in love with each other for a long time. At the age of 64, she began to live with Chen Wanzhen, and Chen Wanzhen He Hongshen gave birth to 2 daughters and 1 son. They are He Chaoyun, He Chaolian and He Youqi.

However, Chen Wanzhen also failed to become the last wife of Stanley Ho’s relationship. The fourth concubine, Anqi Liang, and Stanley Ho’s fate began at a ball. Family, became the fourth wife, and gave birth to him 3 sons and 2 daughters.

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